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Periods For The Oscar Win! It’s A Fabulous Start To Monday And We Are Excited!

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2019 seems like a good year for India, especially with all the accolades and progressive strides we’ve been taking.  Women taking to the skies as flight engineers and actors hosting road-shows to spread awareness about ill effects of drugs.  And now, we have a fabulous start to this week with this documentary about menstruation – Period. End of sentence not just being nominated in the Oscars as India’s entry, but also winning.

Period. End of sentence has won the Oscar for the Best Documentary Short and we are elated, as were the producers Melissa Berton and director Rayka Zehtabchi as they took to the stage to give their emotional and hilarious acceptance speech, starting with “I’m not crying because I’m on my period or anything. I can’t believe a film about menstruation won an Oscar!” And honestly, we can’t either. But boy, are we glad.

Guneet Monga, also a producer for the movie, (she has previously produced movies like  Masaan and Lunchbox), tweeted after the win. “We won! To every girl on earth, know that you are a goddess.” Although this wasn’t her first Oscar nomination, since another one of her short films – Kavi, was in the running for Oscars back in 2010. But, she couldn’t attend the awards since she had no money. From not being able to attend, to attending and winning, she has come a long way along India and it’s broadened horizons.

The short documentary talked about breaking the taboos around menstruation in a small village in rural India and was created by the students of Oakwood High School, who founded the The Pad Project, that aimed at spreading awareness about the cause. And spread awareness they have.

This film was already a winner way before it entered the Oscars and now it has a feather in the cap to prove it.


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