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Your Ultimate Period Survival Kit

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The thing about periods is that they are consistent. They come around every month.  And you’re not going to get rid of it any time soon. When they come around, they bring their friends. The cramps, the stains and the mood swings. It’s a battle you fight every month (we are not sure why!) but it looks like there’s no escaping this basket of feelings and pain. That’s why you need a period survival kit. Yes, that’s a thing!

From something to make you feel human to things that actually indulge you, we have listed a bunch of things you will need to sail through that time of the month. Oh did we say sail? We meant stumble but in a nice way.

1. Netflix and chill!

First things first. You’ll need a Netflix subscription with special access to sappy rom-coms because when you’re curled up in bed praying for the pain to go away, you need something to do, right?

2. Dark chocolate

Eating dark chocolate kills two birds with one stone; your cramps subside, and you feel rather indulged. Bonus points if you can make the chocolate last and not scarf an entire bar down in one go.

3. A cosy blanket

A cute blankie is a must to snuggle up, and basically be dead to the world.

4. A yoga mat

What better way to ease those abdominal muscles than to stretch your body out on a yoga mat? We kid you not, it helps to get in a workout.

5. Comfort food

Raise your hands if you feel like a calorie-vacuuming machine when you are on your periods.  Everyone needs to calm down and just hand us the popcorn, cookies, cakes, and chips. Ensure we have a steady supply and no one gets hurt.

6. Pain relievers

As much as I hate popping pills, sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. When it feels like Thor may be hammering away inside your uterus, keep a pain killer handy to ease those cramps.

7. A Holiday

Period leave should be a part of the holiday list every month, bruh!

8. My BFF

Spending the night out with my BFF is all I need to forget about what’s happening down there. Gossip sessions are therapy.

9. Juicy gossip

While my BFF is around, I definitely need some juicy gossip about that girl in class, and of course my ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend as well. Because this helps my cramps and gives me something to think about. Don’t judge me!

10. Comfy PJs

Let’s face it; I’m in no mood to dress up. Pyjamas are literally all that I’m going to be living in.

11. Bra-free day

With my breasts all tender and big, I am not going to stab them with underwires. At this point, non-wired bras are bae. And if I’m not going to step out of house, then FTW, it’s no-bra day!

12. Granny panties

Granny panties are a must. This way, you don’t stain your sexy panties, and you just want everything neatly tucked in and away.

13. A face mask

It can really be a good thing given the fact that my face is only going to be seen by Blair and Serena as I binge watch Gossip Girl all day long.

14. A scented candle

It’s a great way to put me in relaxation mode. Plus, the floral fragrance from my sanitary napkin isn’t anything that’s pleasing or fun. The sanitary napkin companies will have you believe otherwise but it isn’t true.


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