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3 Subscription Boxes That Will Help You Get Through *That* Time Of The Month

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You know that uneasy feeling you get every month, right? Excruciating pain in your abdomen that can make you crumble into a puddle of tears, loss of appetite, mood swings, and popping pain pills like they’re happy pills are sure shot signs that the little devil called your period is back. Those 5 days of hell (sometimes more!) that revisit you each month can make any woman want to curl up in her bed and hibernate till its over. No matter what we do, there’ss no shying away from the fact that women get periods and it’s NOT fun.

And as if nature’s issues weren’t enough, you sometimes have to deal with a million restrictions, taboos, and superstitions associated with getting your periods, especially as an Indian woman. So it’s fair to say we deserve a little break from all this bullshit, don’t we?

And the best way to do that is to pamper yourself because let’s face it, no one else knows you better! But, how do we do that? On *those* days, you don’t want to leave the house to buy pads, let alone go on a shopping spree. And solving this predicament are some wonderful  subscription boxes! You read that right. While there are lots of subscription boxes for jewellery, clothes, health care, food and the works, why not ones that will help you with your PMS? Here are 3 amazing boxes that will give you that little joy every month to make your menstrual blues go away. Sitting at home, you can enjoy the goodies they have to offer without doing any hard work. You can thank me later!


cosset_period box_hauterfly

Courtesy: Cosset

1. Cosset

Started earlier this year, Cosset aims to provide comfort to women while they are on their periods and want to make it a pain-free experience. For that, they have boxes that provide you with energy bars, some divine-smelling lotions, shower gels, green tea packets, gift vouchers, and of course, sanitary napkins. You can choose your own brand of pads and select the plan you want, enter your period details, and your box will be delivered to you on time!

Price: Rs 349 per month.
Subscribe here.


being-juliet_Period box_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Being Juliet

2. Being Juliet

This box is among the most well-known period subscription boxes in India. The folks at Being Juliet understand that periods can dampen our spirits and we do indeed feel dull. That’s why they have three curated boxes that are filled with pain comforters, sanitary supplies, thoughtful gifts, and a pampering kit. After taking down your cycle details, they ensure that your box reaches your doorstep 5 days before your period starts. So that the next time you can welcome it with (some) enthusiasm!

Price: Rs 1,650 for 3 months.
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the-violet_period box_Hauterfly

Courtesy: The Violet

3. The Violet

This is a premium period box that promises to treat you royally during your time of the month. It is crafted by Youtuber Prachi from SuperWowStyle in a very luxurious manner. You will get artisan chocolates, exquisite teas, aromatic coffee, sanitizers, body salts and moisturiser, sanitary napkins or tampons, and so much more! Plus, the packaging is so elegant in black and gold. This is one box I will definitely gift my BFFs! A part of the proceeds from this box goes to women who cannot afford basic period essentials like pads. Feeling good and doing good? I’m sold!

Price: Rs 899 per month.
Subscribe here.


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