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People Around The Globe Are Using The Hashtag Coronavirus To Further Their Popularity And Their Instagram Pages. It Is Pathetic

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Every time I think of how our world’s going to end I picture the movie 2012 in my head. In the movie, a man tries to get his family to a plane in China to save them from damnation while the whole world burns down (literally!). That was a brilliantly made movie and it actually made people believe the world is coming to an end. Obviously, at that point, we weren’t facing a real threat but right now, we are. And unlike the movie, China would be the worst place for us to go to save ourselves.

Coronavirus is not hyped; it is a real medical emergency that has claimed thousands of lives worldwide and the death toll only seems to be rising. Though the percentage of people who are recovering is higher than the fatality rate, it needs to be curbed.

While people around the world seem to understand this, it isn’t stopping them from using this emergency to their advantage. Let me explain, what is the one thing every netizen is searching for every few hours right now? The answer is obvious- Coronavirus. Everyone wants to be well informed about the statistics and symptoms which is a good thing since that is our only source of ensuring safety right now. This means that #Coronavirus (or something to that effect) is trending on every social media platform.

Now, during one of our searches we came across a whole bunch of people from around the globe who are using that hashtag to appear on the trending pages but their uploads are in no way connected to the deadly virus. These people are only using that hashtag to get more likes or follows on their pages and that is highly insensitive, and frankly pathetic.

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Check it out:

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The last of us… that know how to cook.! . Keep your diet balanced. Just because I said “diet” it does not mean you are going to cut all your carbs out. A diet is the food you choose to eat on a consistent basis. . People continuously relate a “diet” to salads and veggies, and that is not necessarily true. Unless you are changing your diet to fit your needs, like throwing in more salads and vegetables into your meals, then you might define it as a new diet plan. . Keep thriving and vibing my cuties! . Follow for more @fitnesscutieuniversity && @dez_steph 🥰 . #itsavibe #pandemic #chicagofitness #modelsofinstagram #liveandlove #learnaboutyourself #wisdomquotes #diettips #fitnessdiet #educate #misconceptions #coronavírus

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I know the situation is chaotic and everyone is in panic but please remember few things. – DONT DO OVERSTOCKING 👉Do not lose your sanity while buying stuff and be considerate towards others. 👉Not everyone can afford to buy in bulk. 👉Elderly people who are dependant on their carers are also not able to buy as soon as store opens. 👉Only buy the stuff you REALLY need (i am saying that because i saw someone buying 15 packs of sanitary pads at a store while none was left on the shelves for others)🤦🏻‍♀️ 👉This is the test of our HUMANITY, so dont be imhuman. 👉If you cant find hand sanitisers do not panic, washing your hands with soap and water in a proper manner would keep you safe! – – DO NOT STRESS TOO MUCH ABOUT CORONA VIRUS! 👉I am not saying this because i am not taking it seriously but because whenever we are stressed our immunity goes weaker and that is the only reason Corona would attack us. 👉Do not believe on fake news going viral on social media. Watch your news channel. 👉Do not forward any misleading information to others. 👉Be vigilant while using social media and only use it to educate people without putting them in stress (leading to increased chances of catching virus 🦠) 👉Don’t be over sensitive and provoke others to start social media fights. Everyone has a right of expression so learn to respect the difference of opinion. If you can’t simply unfollow/ignore. 👉If someone is not showing their concerns and panics on FB/instagram that doesn’t mean, they are being careless. They just do not want others to get more panicked and stressed! – #corona #coronavirus #coronavirusoutbreak⚠️ #beinghuman #beempathetic #beconsiderate #melbourneblogger #7newsmelbourne #australianblogger #coronaawareness

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I noticed that some of them had captions that were about coronavirus, but their pictures had zero connection to the disease. If you want to spread awareness, by all means, go for it – there is no such thing as too much awareness. But don’t use spaces that are meant for reliable information for your personal gain, it’s very infuriating.

When people go these pages, they want information they can trust and depend on because like I said, that is our only source of facts right now. No one wants to see your photos and TikToks here, used with the hashtag so more people will see it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying don’t post those at all. All I am saying is don’t use a hashtag that is meant for serious news on a picture that doesn’t even remotely relate to the news. That isn’t too tough to do, is it?

Right now, we need to ensure everyone is safe and secure. The frenzy of getting more likes, shares, comments and follows on social media needs to take a back seat during these arduous times. So if you are going to use the hashtag please make sure what you are using it on is fucking relevant!

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