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10 Party Ideas To End 2016 With A Bang!

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Two weeks and we will welcome the New Year, hoping that it will be great, making new resolutions, and building new life goals. To start something new, we need to let go of the old. And for exactly that, this year’s New Year party has to be one that is kickass. However the year was, we have to end it on a good…no, a great note! Whether it is bringing in 2017 with a lovely dinner with family or partying at a club, it has to be something that will give you all the happy feels.

But, if you are planning to play the host and still haven’t figured how to go about it, start with deciding the theme. The rest will follow. Keep a theme that will be etched in the minds of your guests forever. A party that will be goals for every other party to follow. Okay, maybe we’re getting a little carried away, but you get the drill, right? Scroll down to find 10 amazing themes that can work out superbly well, as long as they are executed well.


New year party Themes_Hauterfly

1. Catch Them All!

This year, Pokemon made a comeback and what better way to bid 2016 a goodbye than by partying with some? Turn it into a costume party with themed décor and loads of food that looks like the game’s characters. You can watch the cartoon together or play a match. All in all, if your friends were those who were addicted to it, this party will sure be a hit!

2. Glitter And Shine

If your year was dull, then there is still time left to add a bit of spark to it. Plan a party that is oozing with glitter. So, a disco ball, shimmer glasses, a gold-and-silver dress code, masks, and so on. There is no harm in going overboard this once, right?


New year party Themes_Hauterfly

3. Suits And Sneakers

This idea is actually a hit with the #HauteSquad! 2016 was all about white sneakers and it will be perfect to end the year wearing them. From weddings to office meetings, white sneakers have taken over the world. Why not NYE? Wear that LBD, put on some lippie, and don those sneakers.

4. Emoji Attack!

The habit we all made this year was the overuse of emojis. With thousands of options, words have taken a backseat and smileys have taken over our conversations. Serenade this phenomena by throwing an emoji-themed party. Dress up as your favourite one and dance the night away. After all, you can even be an avocado now!


New year party Themes_Hauterfly

5. Say Hello To Nature

Instead of cooping up inside your four walls, make a fresh start to the year with a quick camping trip or a beach getaway. It works best if you have less space and more guests. Bonfire, music, barbecue, and great company — there cannot be a better way to spend the last day of the year.

6. Remember That Resolution?

Every year on January 1, we make resolutions, and religiously forget to keep them. But there is still time to keep a few alive! Ask your friends to write down their resolutions from last year, doable ones, and make them fulfill each before the clock strikes 12. It will be mad fun and obviously keep tons of alcohol by your side, you never know how wild people can get!


New year party Themes_Hauterfly

7. Game Of Thrones Or Stranger Things

Yes, you can organise a party with your favourite shows as the theme, but you can also enjoy a marathon of these shows with your friends. Engage in conversations, relive your favourite moments from the show, and welcome next year with what makes you content. Netflix was a huge part of this year — use it well to say ‘hi!’ to 2017!

8. Add Some Games

And while you’re having that marathon, spice things up with board games. They are not only for kids, but make for great material to have a wonderful evening. Monopoly, sequence, cards — take your pick and turn NYE into a championship of games. Lets see which of your friends are the most competitive!


New year party Themes_Hauterfly

9. Intimate Yet Perfect

If you have a space and only a few people, then a house party works best. Deck up your room with fairy lights, have a jam session with your pals, and, of course, serve some interesting cocktails. The feeling of ringing in the New Year with people who matter and music that touches your soul is in no way a boring plan!

10. Best Of 2016

Combine everything, good or bad that happened this year, and turn it into an epic party! Pokemon themed décor, Donald Trump costumes, Coldplay music, and anything that defines this year to you — one last time.


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