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Parineeti Chopra’s Take On Social Media Trolls Is Something Could All Learn From

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Bollywood celebrities are often an easy target for trolls and negative comments on social media. Even if they post a random outfit picture or share their opinion on a certain subject or rather choose to not talk about it at all, most of the celebrities end up at the receiving end of trolls and their completely useless comments. We know that being a celebrity is not an easy job, heck, if anything it makes you an easy target. And though some of the stars try their best to ignore them, these trolls might still end up affecting them and sometimes, their families which can be quite hurtful.

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Speaking of trolls, Parineeti Chopra has a whole different take on it and we must all listen to it because she is absolutely right! In a candid interview with Times Now, Parineeti said that social media trolls  cannot be taken seriously and after all they are called that for a reason. The stunning actress believes that social media is all about fun, influencing the people and a platform where one shares their life on it. Hence, she says it shouldn’t be a negative space!

Parineeti Chopra responded on trolls and said, “There’s a reason they are called trolls. Because that’s what they are, otherwise they will be critics or ‘feedbackers’. They are trolls, they just want to spit venom without any rationale. They are not consistent. They could be saying something about me today, about him tomorrow, about someone else the day after… so they are not consistent. If they were consistent, I would probably listen to them but I don’t because you can’t..” Trolls are something we must avoid taking too seriously and instead we must also try and create a positive digital space!

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Meanwhile Parineeti Chopra and Sidharth Malhotra are busy with the promotional rounds of Jabariya Jodi. The duo were earlier seen today trying out flaming paan and we were intrigued.

Speaking on movie releases, Parineeti Chopra is also gearing up for her next, Saina Nehwal biopic and shooting for her another film, The Girl On The Train. 

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