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Parineeti Chopra Shares The First Look Of Her Upcoming Movie The Girl On The Train. Did We Really Need A Movie Though?

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Whenever there’s a conversation about Bollywood, I find myself irresistibly drawn to it because let’s face it, it does serve the purpose of being called ‘entertainment’. And while I deeply enjoy indulging in the movies and conversations that come after, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to feeling that Bollywood lacks variety when it comes to the kinds of stories we pursue. One of those things being originality. The fact that almost every other song or movie is now a remix or an adaptation from a previous one or a novel is proof that the industry is probably working on a ‘creator’s block’ with no new storylines coming our way. Parineeti Chopra’s upcoming next – The Girl On The Train, being a fitting example of it.

The actress who recently starred alongside of Siddharth Malhotra in the film Jabariya Jodi, shared a first look post of herself in the Indian adaptation of the Paula Hawkins novel – The Girl On The Train. Parineeti, wounded, bloody and hurt in the picture, looks very in character, considering she would be required to bring all her acting chops to this movie, if she has to do justice to the very messed up character plot the novel has. Guess all the flashy liner she had on in Jabariya Jodi, would be coming off in this one!

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For anyone who has read through the book, would probably know what we’re talking about, and for the uninitiated, the 2015 novel was a first person narrative from three different women in the novel, loosely and very confusingly hanging around the concept of murder, infidelity and gaslighting. Now, while many people have gone ahead and compared to it to the genius novel – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, we think it is nowhere close. If we’re explicitly talking about the story in hand here, it might be just as f**ked up as that of Gone Girl, but it still lacks that grip in the character arc and honestly, loses us mid-way with the kind of confusion and mess it creates. Which brings us to the point of questioning whether it really needed a movie to be made out of it after all?

Yes, Emily Blunt did a very compelling job in the Hollywood adaptation of the book, but we aren’t too sure if we can pull it off, especially since this is way out of the song and dance folklore that Indian actors usually are expected to carry out on screen. Now, we aren’t dismissing the idea of Bollywood being able to take it up as a successful project, but that whether it really should. The story is complex and honestly leaves the viewer disoriented, something that we aren’t sure would work well on the screen. Also because it is a classic example of how sometimes, a novel must be left to be just that, because it may not have the makings of making for a successful movie and by doing so, we strip away its original essence.

And it’s not just us who seem deflated by the idea of this book being made into a movie. Goodreads, the veritable bible for book reviews, has plenty of people completely at sea with this book. “i can’t believe it was an international sensation. Emma wrote, and she seems so done, ” I can’t believe it was adapted into a movie starring actual queen emily blunt. I can’t believe it SOLD A SINGLE COPY. (I didn’t buy this one. my mom did. so there.)”


The Jabariya Jodi actress revealed how this is one of the most difficult characters she has ever played, and we don’t doubt that at all. The character is indeed a mess and it would be something to see Parineeti try and do justice to it, for it would be the first time she would be taking on a central and titular in a drama-thriller as such. Guess we’ll have to wait and watch, how the younger Chopra delivers on this one!

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