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Parineeti Chopra Reveals Her Joota Chupai Kamai From The NickYanka Wedding. Now We’re Super Jealous!

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I come from a big Punjabi family, consisting of lots and lots of mamas, chachas, taujis, buas, and the likes of it. So naturally, the number of weddings I have attended in all of my 23 years of existence has been too many to keep count of.  But not once, not even one time, did I get as lucky as Parineeti Chopra at her sister Priyanka Chopra’s wedding last year in December.

As it turns out, as told by the actress to Neha Dhupia on the chat show BFFs with Vogue, the famous joota chupai ceremony in her sister’s wedding ended up with her getting lakhs of rupees, plenty of dollars and diamonds as part of the rasam. Yeah, you heard that right.

She said, “He was actually more prepared than all of us. So I thought I was the smart one and I was going to go and do this ‘rasam’ (ceremony) and take only cash from him. They were more than ready because when the time came, he literally just signalled to someone and all of us cousins looked at the back, and there was this guy with a giant tray full of diamond rings and all of us got diamond rings and the bridesmaids got a lot of gifts. So I am proud to show off that Nick jiju is very generous.” And generous he was.

The maximum we’ve managed to get out of the dulha is a couple thousands, all with those killer bargaining skills, which further got distributed among the 20 sisters waiting in line, hardly leaving us with enough to even catch a cab back home. And here is Nick Jonas, giving out free diamond rings and winning the Best Jiju Of The Year award.

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Earlier the Namastey London actress had revealed that she had quoted a sum of 5 million dollars initially, but Nick ended up paying Rs 5 lakhs only. If only our jijus went beyond getting us a Zara voucher, we’d be as happy as Parineeti sounded on the show with Neha Dhupia. But then again, how often do you land up with an American pop star sensation as your brother-in-law?

When she was asked about more details from the #NickYanka wedding and whether or not PeeCee had any bridezilla moments, she said, “She (Priyanka) was just so happy and in fact she was so excited like she was that bride who, when the baraat came she wanted to get ready early so that she can run and see the baraat in a filmi style. She was really happy. So no, bridezilla moment, not at all.”

If this wasn’t a perfect wedding, we don’t know what is!


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