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Pakistani PM’s Assistant Thinks Coronavirus Can Enter You “Neeche Se”. She Seems Like An Alumni Of WhatsApp University

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When COVID-19 had just entered India and there were a couple of cases, people were still commuting and doing their daily activities. My grandmother probably learned new “scientific” ways to prevent the disease from her WhatsApp university and actually wrapped some condiments in a handkerchief and gave it to me. She made me carry it in my bag as my shield of protection from a pandemic. Thankfully, with time authorities and communities made sure to equip people with the correct knowledge on COVID-19. There have been infomercials on TV, radio, print and electronic media, etc. about the same and now my nani knows that her little suraksha kawach wasn’t really quite what it promises to be.

Unfortunately, we’ve still heard so many people and even influential ones making really strong claims. Of course, drinking gau mutra has been on top of the list. Recently, a video of Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, Pakistan’s assistant to the Prime Minister addressing a press conference went viral and netizens are using the clip to cheer themselves up while in lockdown.

What is so funny about it? Awan went on to use coronavirus as the most innovative excuse to ask people to cover up. She said that people have been saying you should cover your nose and mouth but she believes you must cover your entire body. What if coronavirus enters you “neeche se”? Wait, what? Seems like coronavirus is getting naughtier.

I can’t believe a woman of such a senior position is talking like that. But then again, the Prime Minister himself has been guilty of letting worms out of his mouth. If you dig a little deeper into her theory of contagion “neeche se”, WHO has clarified that while it’s unlikely that coronavirus can spread via genitals but there hasn’t been enough research to say things for sure. Also, if I may ask, where is her mask?

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However, I can’t imagine what would you have to do in a public space to have any infected surface touch your nether regions? COVID-19 or not, I don’t think it would be the best idea to do such things. If not real knowledge, at least she gave us something to laugh about!

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