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This Pakistani Model Carried His Fellow Model’s Broken Heels On The Runway. Bae, Take A Hint Will You?

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How many times have you heard the phrase, “All men are dogs,” or “All men are the same,” being said in a highly disapproving tone? After hearing that so many times and when combined with your own experiences, it becomes very easy to believe. I believed it, when my friend’s boyfriend cheated on her or when some guy I was texting ghosted me.

Not anymore though, I realized a few bad experiences can’t define all men. And after watching this adorable video of a Pakistani model trying to help out his fellow model, my faith in men has been restored fully.

Broken zips, bra’s snapping, dresses ripping- the runway is no stranger to various kinds of wardrobe malfunctions. In a similar incident during the third day of Pakistan Fashion Week, model Kesha Siddique broke a heel while walking the ramp. Seeing her struggle her colleague, Subhan Awan, left his own routine and lent her a helping hand.

In the video that went viral, you can see Subhan holding Kesha’s hand helping her walk when shoe broke. When she couldn’t walk anymore, he bent got onto his knees trying to fix the shoe. When that did not work, he simply strapped off both of Kesha’s heels and carried it down the ramp with him.

This moment had me swooning, of course, and it also helps that Subhan is so handsome. But it also got me thinking, after all the bad we see in the world, the bar for kindness has dropped so low. In an ideal world, a colleague helping out another colleague would not be buzzworthy. But our world isn’t nearly as perfect, is it? We have to hand it to him though, such genuine chivalry is hard to come by these days.

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This short video garnered 2.2 million views and Twitter has labeled Subhan, ‘a true gentleman’ for his actions. Some applauded him on his actions while others expressed their desire to marry him, lol. Check out some of the reactions they had:

Ugh, what a sweetie!

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