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In Pakistan, A Male Journalist Called A Video Of A Woman Working Out UnIslamic. So Now We Can’t Even Be Healthy?

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Where I have been born and bred, I can do about almost anything without having someone breathe down my neck for it. I can study, I can live independently, I can work and lead a life that would just be mine. But there are also a few things that I can’t do, more so implicitly demanded than explicitly asked for. Like, wear short skirts because that means ‘I am asking for it’. Or walk late at nights because that brands me a provocateur. Or even have male friends, because then I am just bringing shame to the society. While I struggle with my qualms with the narrowmindedness of the society I live in, which isn’t perfect but also isn’t all too bad, there are women in a different part of the world, in Pakistan, who can’t seem to even workout without being sexualised for it.

It seems like Pakistan, much like us, is one of the many countries in the world, where the concept of women’s rights isn’t just lost, it was never founded. A country that lets women live on the mercy of men, whose last name, child or honour is stored in the woman’s vagina. And we aren’t even being dramatic. But even with this many restrictions, there are those that find seemingly every day things sexual.  Something that was recently done by Pakistani journalist and commentator Ansar Abbasi, who sexualised a clip of a woman working out! 

The said clip is 17 seconds long and shows a woman exercising her core with two dumbbells and for some entirely inexplicable reason, was somehow offensive to Mr. Abbasi, who took to twitter to condemn it for inappropriate content on TV. In his tweet, he wrote, “If the entire world turns against me for opposing anything that is in-Islamic in our society, It will not bother me even for a moment. Instead, I am thankful to my Allah for enabling me to do this and take pride on it Alhamdulillah.”

Wait, so you’re telling me, that in Pakistan, a woman’s workout entices men? Please wait as I collect my jaw from the floor.

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You see, if it were up to men (and in most cases, it sadly is) women’s mere existence would be perceived as sexual and thus offensive. And so, everything we do comes as a blow to their fragile egos. Women are being hyper sexualised where we aren’t looked at as people anymore, but rather a thing for others’ sexual use. And that is exactly what was done here too, after a woman, for no fault of her own, was targeted for being sexual on national TV.

While a lot of people on twitter took to call out Ansar Abbasi for his highly sexist and shallow remarks, there was a whole bunch of people who agreed with him too. And those were the ones that made us worry. Calling out the video for going against Islam and Shariah, people were as staunch in their opinions as they were backwards with their beliefs.

In Pakistan, a woman’s workout video can be offensive and people will rise up in support. This is also the country where Tinder and other dating apps have been blocked.

Meanwhile, a gym trainer commented on the video, “I am a gym trainer and I support this program. Women in Pakistan are not strong. They have to have to go for workout and make their life healthy. If they will be healthy they can manage their home at best.” Guess, there will always be two kinds of people in the world, but till the time we feed into the ego of men who want to control our every move, even that as simple as doing crunches on a floor mat, we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere in life. It is time they knew, they can’t control us anymore.

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