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Pakistan PM Imran Khan Says Vulgarity Is Causing More Rapes In The Country. What Nonsense!

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Victim blaming comes in a lot of different forms. It goes beyond than simply holding the victim responsible for something that happens to them. It’s when society creates a culture in which the victim doesn’t feel comfortable enough to speak up. It comes when parents tell their daughters to not step out after dark, while their sons are allowed to go off and party into the wee hours. And it also comes when the men leading us, blame things like ‘vulgarity’ for the growing rate in rape crimes and sexual violence. Case in point, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

Recently while taking calls from the people, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan was asked by a caller what the government plans to do in the light of rising incidents of rape and sexual violence, especially against children. Coming from the Prime Minister himself, one would imagine that he’d have put thought behind his words. But turns out, he blurted out the same kind of sexist and tone deaf statements, that didn’t just not make sense, but also made us cringe.

Not blaming the perpetrators or the deteriorating law and order for the rise in crimes, but “vulgarity”, Imran Khan said that there are some fights that governments and legislation alone cannot win and that the society must join in the fight. He said it was important for societies to protect themselves against “fahashi” (vulgarity), as reported by Geo News.

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Unfortunately, he didn’t stop there. As he went on to talk about how the incidents of sexual violence and rape that reach media are just one percent of the actual crime rate, he went on to talk about the 70s and how during the `70s to play cricket, the “sex, drugs and rock n roll” culture was taking off. He then said that nowadays, divorce rates “have gone up by as much as 70 per cent due to vulgarity in that society”.

Because apparently it is a bigger crime to look enticing than actually attacking, assaulting and raping someone. Imran Khan said that the entire concept of purdah (or covering up, or modesty) in Islam has a purpose to it which is to “keep temptation in check”. Yet another sexist statement that we weren’t a fan of, coming from a Prime Minister of a country.

PM Khan then went on to address the people who according to him “cannot keep their willpower in check”. “Iska kuch tou effect aana thha na (It had to manifest itself in some way),” said Prime Minister Imran Khan, almost as if protecting the criminals and their intentions here.

It is a shame that while on one end Imran Khan took into consideration the fact that sexual violence was in fact spreading like cancer in the society, he didn’t stop perpetuating a culture of victim blaming as he continued to put blame the “vulgarity” for rape crimes and not the men who feel emboldened by society as they continue to get a free pass. Lack of self-control is never a good enough excuse of sexually violating someone, and someone needs to tell him that.

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