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Pakistan PM Imran Khan Blamed Bollywood And Mobile Phone For Sexual Crimes In His Country. What Is He High On?

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Our society is adulterated with sexism and sexual violence against women and there is no way we can turn a blind eye to it. Both India and Pakistan are in the list of countries that are unsafe for women and honestly, for this reason, I am not very proud to be living here. But we are struggling to make progress; we are welcoming development, technological advancement and Bollywood too is trying to make films that aim to bring about social change. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on the other hand is taking a dig at Bollywood and blaming the advancement for the sexual crimes that plague their country.

I am baffled with that mindset and I don’t know what kind of progress the country can make if the person spearheading it has such backward beliefs and an escapist mentality. “The content we are taking first comes to Pakistan via Hollywood and then Bollywood. People here do not realize that we are consuming the most harmful thing of Western civilization. Due to this, people’s houses are crumbling,” said Khan.

Sure, instead of addressing the real issues, he chooses to hold celluloid responsible for the crimes in his country. Honestly, why is he making it a battle of countries? It’s a battle against inhumanity and we are all in it, together. Geographical boundaries don’t matter and it saddens me equally irrespective of which country has its women suffering at the hands of toxic masculinity. So instead of using this as an opportunity to take a dig at India and western culture, he should be addressing the need for change that the society needs, considering the conviction rate in Pakistan is as low as 2.5% in sexual crimes. Clearly, the Government has its focus elsewhere.

He went ahead to dis technological advancement and if it was up to him, he would probably like to take Pakistan back to the 80s. He said, “It is very important to realize that a new challenge is seeping in the country, through mobile phones. Due to the availability of phones, such content is accessible to kids which was never there in the history of mankind.” He further added, “Children are getting content that has never been found. Children are receiving drugs inside schools. I did not realize this at first but it came to know when the power came in hand. The second is sex crime which is spreading in Pakistan in the form of child sexual abuse. It is very sad. ”

How convenient is it to blame everything on mobile phones? Monsters can find a way to do harm if they want to and phones are not their weapon. It’s the Government’s lack of support and tone-deafness towards the rights of women in their country that is actually the biggest weapon and aid in bringing their most heinous thoughts to life.

According to a report by Madadgaar National Helpline in Pakistan, 93% of women, there have experienced some form of sexual violence in their lifetime in public places. Also, around 70% of women have experienced physical or sexual violence in their life by their partners. Zia Ahmed Awan, the founder of MNH also pointed out that according to World Economic Forum, it will take another 169 years for women to get equal rights if things go at the pace they are going right now.

Dear PM of Pakistan, do you see the amount and concentration of the issue here? It’s not a phenomenon born out of this decade; women have been suffering since long before he was even born. So maybe do an actual study of the situation and survey the women on the changes they want, instead of mansplaining and being a thorough example of toxic masculinity that your country needs to fight.

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It’s very easy to blame trivial things to conveniently get away from dealing with the real things. So I feel really bad for the women living in Pakistan. They don’t deserve this and a Prime Minister like that. World Economic Forum, with men like that leading their country, it might take longer than 169 years to achieve what women deserve.

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