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Padma Lakshmi Said ‘Who Cares?’ When Asked About Her Weight And We Could All Learn A Few Things From Her

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Everyone knows the world is considerably tougher on women. We are judged more, criticised more, everyone wants to have a say in what we do and how we look. There are universal stereotypes put in place for a girl to be considered conventionally beautiful, whatever the hell that means. We are measured against these idealist standards that we must meet, no matter how stupid or unreasonable they seem. But women like Padma Lakshmi show us why these standards can be taken with a pinch of salt and we stand with her. Ask any girl and she will tell you a body part she’s not happy with. And for a girl who may be slightly larger, this always means losing weight. Even if that means you starve yourself to get there. And that is why, Padma Lakshmi’s message on self-love and comfort is something every woman out there must embrace. We certainly are taking notes, you should be too.

Padma Lakshmi who walked the Emmy’s red carpet with her 9-year-old daughter Krishna, had a very powerful message for all of us. The Top Chef host was asked by US weekly whether she was eating and dieting to which she replied saying that she hasn’t had the time to diet and that she currently weighs 146 pounds (roughly 66 kgs) and she is perfectly okay with it. She said she lucky because she gains weight equally all over her body, so she really doesn’t care about the extra pounds. Her devil-may-care attitude is what we really need to listen to.

She also added, “I was just happy there was a dress this pretty that fit,” she said. “And at the end of the day it’s just about feeling comfortable. I am done trying to squeeze my bum into something that is too small. I don’t care — it shouldn’t be about what I look like at this point in my career.”

It may seem like something she just said in a passing moment, but how many times have we tried to stuff ourselves into dresses that are super uncomfortable? The day we can all say comfort is our priority and we don’t care how much we weigh is the day feminism will have won.

She was also asked by US weekly what her relationship was with shape wear, to which she replied that she wore shape wear after she had Krishna because she started filming Top Chef six weeks after her delivery but other than that she avoids putting it on since she finds it too constricting.

She goes on to say, “I mean, I don’t even have a bra on right now,” she shared. “I mean I don’t, I just think the female body is beautiful in its natural state. I know we all have to do things to make it all smooth and beautiful. But really at the end of the day, who cares?” This has been said many times before, but somehow when she said did it the message really resonates with you. Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to fit in? Once you stop caring what others think, you have the power to just be you and what can more liberating than that?

This isn’t the first time Padma Lakshmi has stepped forward with a message like this one. Before the 2017 Emmys too, she said that for the sake of her daughter she is done dieting for award shows. She told Hollywood Reporter that her daughter noticed all the dieting and starting say things like “Im watching my figure” and that really scared her because at Krishna’s age she shouldn’t be worrying about all this. Padma Lakshmi’s message to her daughter is so sweet and holds true everywhere, “That one day — or any day — on the red carpet isn’t nearly as important as making sure my daughter doesn’t measure her worth by her dress size.” We really hope all daughters, mothers and sisters are paying attention because this is the attitude we all need to adopt.

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