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Over 25,000 Cases of Child Pornography Reported Across India In 5 Months. But We’re Not Surprised

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There used to be a time, seems like ages ago now, when saying that I was Indian came with a sense of pride. A time when talking about my country, my nationality and what India stood for, would endorse my patriotism for the motherland in the truest form. But off late, all I feel whenever I say I am Indian, is a sense of shame and fear of being misjudged, for India for the longest time now, has only made its name in things we would never want to associated with. Excelling and securing the first place, in all things not needed, be it population explosion or rape crimes, India has considerably reached a new low every day. Today, it is because over 25000 child porn cases have been reported to be uploaded on adult sites.

Delhi, maintaining its status as the rape capital of India, adds another title to itself as it grabs the top position in uploading Child Sexual Abuse Material as disclosed by a Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) official. told The list was followed by names of cities like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

In fact, reports show that over 25000 cases of Child pornography have been reported across India in just the last 5 months, and as disgusted as we are by listening to this, we aren’t quite surprised. Being a country that had porn in the name of Priyanka Reddy up and running on adult websites not days after the horrible rape and murder case of the veterinary doctor hit the news, nothing remotely decent can be expected from people in this country and this is yet another example for the same. From children to women to students to even 100-year-old women, not only are women and children being exploited, raped but also being threatened and defamed on the web. But even knowing all this, we think child pornography is a new low.

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A senior IPS officer in Maharashtra has also said that details of about 1,700 cases were passed on to the cyber unit of the state by the NCRB, for the cases that have been accounted up to 23 January, 2020. Speaking on the matter was a police official from Maharashtra police who said, “We have code-named it Operation Blackface,” and went on to share how the State police had to prepare a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to tackle such cases for this was the first time such data was shared.

The Home Ministry also shared how, “We signed an agreement with NCMEC last year following which they have started sending us their Tipline reports on child pornography videos being uploaded online. As of January 23, we have received over 25,000 such reports over the past five months that we have sent to states across the country.”

Further explaining into the situation, the official shared, “Software that trawl social media platforms are also used. These software have an algorithm that looks for nudity and expression of stress on the face of a child following which it is pulled up and passed on to law enforcement agencies. In a few cases, it may turn out that the photo or video is not linked to child pornography… those are not pursued.” Furthermore, SP Beed Harsh Poddar said, “In the past week, we have registered two FIRs based on the information provided by the cyber police. We are gathering some more evidence following which we will be making arrests.”

Knowing that the country is such deep rot isn’t shocking but just when we think that it can’t get worse. It does. However, we hope that the FIRs that have been lodged, are soon looked into and the ones behind such inhuman and heinous acts and seen behind bars.

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