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We Did The #10YearChallenge For These Top Actresses. Their Evolution Will Surprise You!

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The 10 year challenge has picked up both, pace and space on social media and we’d be lying if we said we aren’t enjoying it! A throwback for people, it’s been a mixed bag, honestly. An eye opener in some cases, they’ve discovered and talked about their journey till date. For others, a knee-slapper, what with all the acne, awkward smiles and first real signs of adulthood making an appearance. And while most have willingly shared their before and after pictures, Indian actresses haven’t been that generous with these and for the most part, have shared only flattering pictures of themselves which don’t really tell a story. So we did a quick lowdown on how these actresses looked them and what they’ve blossomed into now. Have a look.


Deepika Padukone

Deepika is stunning today, she simply can’t go wrong. Her hair, makeup and styling is on point. But when she didn’t have the stylists on speed dial, and she hadn’t quite figured out her jam, there were a few hits and misses. Over the course of time, you can see how Deepika has learned how to pose, her more flattering angles and styles that suit her. Hers is quite the evolution.


Anushka Sharma

There was an awkwardness to Anushka before that she’s outgrown now. And you can’t talk about her without mentioning the lip job that had the nation talking. However, she’s gone from a dainty and delicate young girl  to a powerhouse who embraces easy fashion. We’ve seen a change, not just in her looks but the way she carries herself too!


Priyanka Chopra

She has achieved success and fame in Bollywood and Hollywood and there was always an easy-going charm to PeeCee. Sure, her makeup has changed but as is obvious, she was and is a confident stunner that’s going places.


Sonakshi Sinha

When she made her debut, there were unflattering comments about the amount of weight she is carrying and while we are sure that affected the young Sona, she didn’t let that stand in her way. Now, she’s toned, ripped and except the extra kilos, she looks the same. *Sigh*


Kareena Kapoor

Whatever she’s having, we want! The begum, even 10 years ago, looked stunning! She’s even had a baby after that and besides embracing the smokey eye look with a vengeance, there’s little that has changed. How does she do it? Is ageing working backwards for her?

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Huma Qureshi

Here’s an actress included in this list simply because we loved her sense of humour. This is her #10YearChallenge post and we love it!


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