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Oprah Winfrey Denies Claims Of Being Arrested For Sex Trafficking. It Looks Like Someone In Isolation Spun Quite The Tale

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Here’s the thing about conspiracy theories, you don’t know the truth and you never will. I mean, think about Area 51 for a second. What went down there? No one really knows and no amount of alien-themed parties will allow you to find out. We, as humans, need to know everything about everyone and their wife and when we don’t know anything about it, we find solace in conspiracy theories. And there is no fictional novel that is better than a good conspiracy theory.

Now, is there you can think of that everyone is talking about right now, but no one really knows anything about? I can, coronavirus. The deadly pandemic that has forced 110 countries to go into lockdown. It has plagued our entire world. Celebrities and common folk alike are getting infected, everyone has gone into isolation to protect themselves. Obviously, if Tom Hanks can get infected who are we to roam the streets carelessly?

Though there are so many questions surrounding its existence, origin and the initial outbreak that there are bound to be a few awesome theories around it. After reading so many of them I have to say that some make sense and some really make me appreciate the creativity of the person who thought of it.

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But there are a few theories that really get you thinking about what is going on, and the theory I stumbled upon today is making me do just that. Like this one for example- Oprah, the Queen of daytime TV, was arrested for sex trafficking and her posh Florida estate has been raided by law enforcement. Yep, this is unbelievable because well Queen Oprah is the last person on earth you would expect something like this form.

Now, there are two reasons we know this is a conspiracy theory. One, because after the internet went bonkers over this news and #Opraharrested started trending like crazy on twitter, and Oprah herself tweeted to let everyone know that this was a false rumour and that she has not, in fact, been incarcerated.

Her tweet read, “Just got a phone call that my name is trending. And being trolled for some awful FAKE thing. It’s NOT TRUE. Haven’t been raided or arrested. Just sanitizing and self-distancing with the rest of the world. Stay safe everybody.”

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The second reason this really feels like a conspiracy theory is that while Twitter was spinning out of its own axis with this piece of news, there were claims that it was Harvey Weinstein who blew the whistle on Oprah and hundreds of other celebrities and business tycoons for a reduced sentence. These celebrities included Tom Hanks, whose coronavirus infection was supposedly a cover for his arrest. But the claims don’t stop there, they also talked about how the COVID 19, in general, was a lab-made virus that is just a cover-up of a mass arrest of all these important people.

Though I read through these stories and laughed, here is my problem with this theory- obviously, this is all unverified information but why did they have to target Oprah? These are extremely tough times for everyone around the world and while it is perfectly okay to weave tales, personally targeting someone with an allegation that is as serious as sex and child trafficking is a shitty move.

Let’s just go watch a movie and leave these theories for a time that is not so difficult.

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