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5 Online Shopping Hacks That Will Basically Sort Out Your Life

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After delaying my plan of going shopping for the past God-knows-how many-months, I finally gave up and resorted to online shopping sites. With the time crunch that we live in, even weekend shopping plans fail miserably. But now that we have everything at our fingertips, a quick 10-minute coffee break or that local train ride are perfect opportunities to indulge in some retail therapy. And for the most of it, what you see is what you get as far as the products go.


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So, if you are an online shopaholic, these are tricks and tips that you should know. It will really help you save a lot of money. More interested now? Scroll down and get ready to show these hacks off in your friend circle.

1. Shop On A Wednesday

The middle of the week is the best time to shop digital, as that is when most retailers give discounts and offers. It’s Wednesday today! Get going already!

2. Ask For Discounts

Don’t let your natural bargaining skills go to waste; ask for discounts upfront and something will always be available. How do you do that? That little ‘chat with us’ box that comes up? Don’t shut it. Ask for any offers that are not shown on the site and someone will surely help you.

3. Use The Size Filter

Usually, we filter out price range or even the colour, but never the size, and then we like a product and it’s not in our size, and we curse the whole existence of online shopping sites. To avoid a foul mood, filter your size first, before anything else.

4. Free Delivery For Items Under Rs 500

Most of these sites charge you for delivery if the cost of the product is less than 500. Now, don’t pay extra by just following these easy steps: Add your desired product to the cart and then add another one, just to make the total more than 500. Then proceed to check out. Just before paying for the item, cancel the one that you don’t want. This way you get the product without paying 50 rupees for delivery! Genius? Yup.

5. Keep Your Items In The Cart

This is something I experienced recently. If you add the items to the cart and then don’t hit buy for a while, the operator will call or message you with some discount offer to make sure that you purchase the product. This will work only if you have an account with the site and are not shopping as a ‘guest’. A little sly, but hey, who’s judging?


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