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5 Online Courses That Will Enhance Your Resume

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In this day and age, just having a degree won’t do. Your resume needs to be meaty if you want to stay ahead of the curve and the cut-throat competition out there. When it comes to nailing that job, companies are increasingly looking for people who are versatile and have an array of skills. Sure, their demands can be preposterous, at times, and there is no way someone who has *just* graduated can have a long list of achievements. But let’s shut them up and wow them with what we can do, shall we?

So, ditch the parties this weekend or sacrifice that Netflix show tonight, to sit for an hour or so to learn something new. Before you complain about not having the time to join a class, hold it, today everything is digital, so all you need to do is switch on your computer. There are SO many online courses you can opt for to enhance your CV and, in turn, your personality. From psychology to cooking, you can attain greater knowledge on just about any topic with a click. When the world is on your fingertips, you have no excuses.

There are a few courses, though, that will give your resume that much-needed kick. One look and your future boss will be impressed, guaranteed! Check them out and enroll. Like, NOW.


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1. Language

There are around 6,500 spoken languages in the world right now. Gives you perspective, eh? Suddenly, knowing English doesn’t seem enough, right? This should fuel your hunger to know more, learn more. Languages open you to, quite literally, a whole new world, in terms of literature, culture, and so much more. Alison offers a number of certified courses — choose whatever suits your fancy and start learning. And just never stop. A fun fact: Mandarin is the most popular language in the world. Yes, not English!


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2. Social Media

It is extremely difficult to survive without social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., are today, vital parts of us. And careers in social media are right on top. So, if you know the tricks of the trade, you’ll clearly be at an advantage. Every company worth its salt has a social media department and they are always looking to hire, so enrolling for this course only has its pros. Why not turn your daily indulgence into something that you’ll get paid for? Check a few of them out here.

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3. Professional Development

One course that will work in your favour, no matter what area you choose to build your career in, is professional development. It has everything from how to make the best presentations, using excel sheets, public speaking, how to write efficient e-mails, and so on. It is everything packed into one to make you one kickass professional. If this doesn’t win your employer over, I really don’t know what will! Coursera is basically a one-stop shop for all courses, check a few under this category here.


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4. Behaviour And Psychology

After a professional enhancement course, opt for a behaviour or psychology one. It helps you become a better team player and gives you a well rounded personality. No, you cannot read minds or decode facial expressions after this course, but you will be able to understand your co-workers better. And trust me, it is important for you to gel with the people you work with. It is a fun course and once you start it, you will keep wanting to learn more and more. Alison is your best bet for these ones.


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5. Coding

My techie friends will vouch for this and tell you how essential it is that you know the basics of coding. It seems like a hard task but once you sit for it, you’ll get into the groove in no time! Start at the very beginning and slowly move towards the difficult concepts. Even if you know the standard rules, you will have the edge over a lot of your competitors. Plus, so fancy, right? Check a few interesting ones at Silicon India and get ready to bowl people over!


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