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Do You Want To Eat A Fancy Meal By 5 Pro International Chefs?

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This is food and travel at its best. A cool team of chefs is travelling around 20 countries, in the span of 20 months to create pop-up restaurants in each country, and here’s your chance to grab a bite with them in Mumbai. When ex Noma (a 2-Michelin star restaurant in Denmark) chef, James Sharman, put up an impromptu restaurant in the streets of his native country, Hong Kong, for 3 days, it became so popular that they had to extend it for 3 weeks. That’s when he knew that he had found his passion. One Star House Party (OSHP) is an organisation of 6 chefs whose journey started in Hong Kong.

He, along with 5 other professional chefs, came up with the concept of OSHP, and since then, they have already visited 4 places — Beijing, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, and Nepal. They select local produce, set up the restaurant for a week, and convert the space according to their carpentry skills, using materials they find in that particular country. They serve the dishes themselves, while narrating the story of how they came up with it.




And now they’re in Mumbai! They are literally roaming the streets of this bustling city, looking for inspiration for their dishes. The Mumbai pop-up will be held from Jan 17-21 at an AirBnB in Juhu. The tickets are currently available for around $120 and you can reserve a seat here. What’s more is that you can also intern with them, as they are always looking out for a helping hand. Which also means you get to travel. *reconsidering career options*

Wait, there is more! In Nepal, they set up shop at the base of Everest, making it the world’s highest pop-up restaurant. Life goals, guys!




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