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On World Maths Day, Here Are 10 Hilarious Things You Will Relate To If You Simply Didn’t Understand Math

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Every child has nightmares, about monsters under their beds or ghosts knocking on their windows but not me. As a child, my worst nightmare was numbers running and dancing around my room, mocking me. No guys, it really is a thing, I am not just being dramatic. I never fully understood numbers or actually the better explanation is, numbers never fully understood me! Even today, basic calculations make me want to pull my hair out. If you feel the same way if you too have never been able to fully grasp the devilish concept that is math, we will be great friends. So as the first act of this new-found friendship, I have rounded up 10 super hilarious things you as a math hater will totally relate too. Take a look! Also, kind of like Halloween for us. today is World Maths Day.

  1. Calculators are your best friend, they are also one of the first icons on your phone. 18-9=? *opens calculator! *

  1. You were good at math until you were forced to find ‘x’ everywhere. Why must they mix alphabets with numbers? Wasn’t one form of torture enough for them? Math teachers really are sadistic beings.

  1. According to you the full form of MATH is Mental Abuse To Humans. Think about it, every time you see a math problem doesn’t the left side of your brain just collapse?


  1. Back in school, being called out during math class to solve the sum on the board was your worst nightmare. Not to mention the hatred you had for all those frontbenchers who just won’t let you peek into their math worksheets!

5. The mere thought of having to math for anything sends literal shivers down your spine. You go out of your way to avoid doing any kind of calculation, even if it something as basic as taking change from your rickshaw guy.

  1. You need to prepare yourself all morning before going to the bank to fill out forms, because well numbers=panic attack. And of course, doing your own taxes is out of the question because you would probably end up in jail for income tax fraud. How would you convince the police it is all because you and numbers are arch enemies?

  1. It’s a miracle come true if you ever get a math problem right. And since it has never happened before you don’t know what your reaction should be. Should you surprised, shocked or run out naked crying ‘Eureka’?

  1. At least once in your life have walked out of a math exam leaving most of the paper blank and sure as hell that you aren’t going to pass. Or just rewritten the question. You know you’ve done it.

  1. When something you really want at a store sale is at 30% off you have to rack your brains to figure out the actual cost. Or you opt for the easier way, running to salesman to know its price, every time you like something

  1. Figuring out how many zeroes are in 1 Crore takes you over 15 minutes. Every time you see a six or seven figure digit you have to count backwards from units to lakh before determining what the figure really is. Even then you end up being wrong 60% of the time.



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