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OMG! Saudi Arabia Holds Its First Ever Fashion Week

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The sands are turning. And perhaps, in the most literal manner in Saudi Arabia. The country is witnessing a change of huge proportions. Just recently, women were granted the right to get behind a steering wheel. Basic, but a huge step forward for women. And just last week, the country saw its first fashion week actually take place. 

That probably stopped you in your tracks. A fashion week in a country where fashion speaks in hushed tones behind black abayas? It did indeed happen. There was a catwalk, there were models and there was music. Everything that would be unheard of until two years ago. The fashion week was scheduled to happen in March. However, it was shifted to April due to the details that had to be finalised, and finally happened on April 11. 

Of course, there were a few things that were, well, typically like Saudi Arabia. For starters, the audience was entirely female. This was amusing, as the men who put together this show couldn’t watch the final product. There was a strict censor on uploading anything on social media regarding the event. Photographs were prohibited, and the ones taken had to be approved before being released.

Even the clothes on the ramp had to be modest. Nothing above the knee, cleavage could not be shown and the clothes could not be too transparent. Nonetheless, for the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, this was a huge step forward in the right direction, and we are applauding! 


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