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Oh! Fudge: This OxBox Is Epic!

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If there’s one saying that I live my life by, it’s that “There is no truer love than that of food”, and I must tell you, I’m a girl of many loves, but my main bae has absolutely got to be chocolate. So it’s rather fitting that one of the best things to have happened to me this month of love is trying Oh! Fudge’s OXBOX – a proper smorgasbord of nine teensy tiny “finger jars” of fudge in various permutations and combinations of chocolate  #chocobae.

The OXBOX hamper comes with a cool knots and crosses game you can play to win the fudge, but let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that. The less greedy of us would totally give it a whirl, but I coolly ignored it. Sorry, not sorry. Diving right in, I was quite happy with the selection of flavours and the fact that there were fudges made with both milk and dark chocolate. There was something for everybody, that’s if you’re the kind of person who shares dessert.

My favourite flavour was the Classic Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge, a lovely contrast of smooth chocolate and textural hazelnuts that had me reaching for more. The Dark Chocolate Mint Fudge, reminiscent of After 8 chocolates came a close second. I must admit, I wasn’t impressed with the plain dark chocolate fudge; it was too salty and the chocolate snob in me could tell that it wasn’t made with a high quality dark chocolate. Pity. All in all, the fudges were delicious and fresh. I also appreciate that they’re handmade in small batches (which makes the excess salt in the dark chocolate fudge a one off).

I think the OXBOX is the perfect gift for a friend or even yourself. The 25-gram “finger jar” is the perfect size for a sneaky treat that you can carry with you.

SHOP NOW: Oh! Fudge OXBOX (Rs 735)


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