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Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Said Crushing A Fine Chutney Made Her A Liberated Woman. What’s The Connection Between The Two Again?

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Since we are in the lockdown with nothing to do and nowhere to go, it’s obvious we are bored to death. The only option we have to entertain ourselves scrolling through the internet. It’s all fun and games until you stumble upon a bizarre news or some offensive post that boils your blood and makes you put your phone down thinking “that’s enough internet for today.”

In today’s episode of yet another weird social media instance, nutrition Expert Rujuta Diwekar has put forward a rather old-fashioned opinion about what makes a woman feel liberated. Before you assume it’s something empowering, we are really sorry to disappoint you.

I didn’t know that instead of worrying about fitting into a dress you like and feeling confident about it, you should care about more important things like, I don’t know, grinding a fine chutney? Not my words. That’s what celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar claims women find liberating. And, here I was thinking getting a paycheck and being independent is what made women feel liberated. Guess, I was wrong?

She posted a photo of ingredients of chutney and herself grinding it and captioned the photo tweet, “When you grow up around women who worry about how finely the chutney is crushed and not how tiny they can get to squeeze into a dress, you grow up to be a liberated woman.” We can’t seem to find the connection between the two.

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She probably posted it to enlighten women that rather than going after the zero-waist size, women should worry about other things, but it only backfired on her because erm, of all things, a fine chutney shouldn’t be it, right? Seems like she’s got the concept of women’s liberation all wrong. Her post faced flak from the Twitterati who said that it makes no sense at all.

One user wrote, “What has women’s liberation got to do with this chutney making business? I never ever made a chutney like this, or even tried to. Is it time for me to reassess my liberation now? This post does nothing but reinforce some dumb stereotypes that should be long left behind.”

Another user commented, “To be liberated means to be free, to be free means to have economic freedom, to have economic freedom usually means a good education. A good education means enlightened parents. We can solve this problem in one generation if we put our minds to it. We can enjoy the chutney then.”

A user pointed out, “Neither a chutney crushing nor a 0 size dressing can make u liberated. It’s the freedom from stereotypes such as mentioned by you, liberates you!” It’s true, this may be the case in the 1920s when all women were expected to do was lock themselves in the kitchen all day and please their in-laws by making fine chutneys but definitely not today. Today, we’d rather crush patriarchy, not chutneys.

All I am saying if running the kitchen and acing the household chores makes you feel liberated, that’s fine, good for you, but there’s absolutely no need to impose this mentality and stereotypical thought of predetermined gender roles on all women. We have been fighting this battle of gender stereotypes for too long and don’t need a regressive thought like that throw it all off for a tasty condiment.

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