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Nusrat Jahan Seeks Legal Action Against A Dating App That Used Her Picture Without Consent. How Hard Is It To Understand The Concept Of Consent?

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There is a particular kind of discomfort that women in power often bring with themselves to the table. Don’t get us wrong, it isn’t the slightest bit of discomforting for themselves, as much as it is for the people seated around. Not used to sharing a wall, cubicle or space with a woman, and one with an opinion no less, people find themselves getting offended over no valid reason at all, when they see a woman they least expected to take up a position of power and control. Something we saw happening with actress turned politician, Nusrat Jahan.

Often found in the midst of brewing controversy, the Trinamool Congress MP, has yet again made it to the headlines, this time raising a concern about consent. Raising an important matter like that of seeking consent, Nusrat Jahan recently reached out to the Kolkata Police, to bring to their notice a dating app that had conveniently been using her picture for its promotion, without her consent.

With a tweet on Twitter, highlighting the screenshot of a dating app called “FancyU”, she wrote, “This is totally unacceptable – using pictures without consent. Would request the Cyber Cell of @KolkataPolice to kindly look into the same. I am ready to take this up legally.” The ad that was in question, showed her picture with a caption that read, “Make friends in lockdown staying at home.”

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Furious by how the dating app could claim pictures of her without seeking her approval, Nusrat is ready to take the matter up legally, and we don’t blame her. Not is it only annoying that someone is using your pictures to promote their own app but it is also rather callous and not to forget, illegal.

Kolkata Police officials have issued a probe into the matter under the the purview of Information Technology Act. The app currently claims to have a million users on it, with the promise of helping them find friends globally. But at the moment, all it seemed to have found is more trouble.

This isn’t the first time Nusrat Jahan has been involved in a controversy either. Ever since she announced her candidacy, she was targeted by the media (including social), for every little thing. First it was her clothes and make up instead of her politics, and later it was the fact that she married a Hindu man. But like a boss, and an authoritative one, Nusrat has been standing her ground solid, and knocking out of the park anything that society and media has been throwing at her.

Be it by breaking stereotypes of entering politics right when her career in films was blooming, or by winning the elections with an impressive margin. She has always made women proud and men, uncomfortable. And for that, she has our respect.

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