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Not A Single Female Industrialist Was Invited To The Union Budget Meeting With The PM. Sexism Wins Again

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It is often said that every war in the history of time is waged over women. From Lord Ram fighting Ravana over Sita, or Mahabharta being started over Draupadi or the Trojan war being waged over Helen of Troy. Women have often found themselves at the center of warfare. But seems like, over the years, the dynamics have somewhat shifted to an alternate reality, one where the fights are no longer for the women, but against them. Being pushed down from the moment we are born (if we are allowed to be born that is), society has demeaned and devalued women for so long now, it’s almost like a habit for us. And is doesn’t matter how much is being said about women being equals, the ground reality is that we aren’t. And this is reflected entirely in the attitude, especially of our government.

We say this after yet again witnessing a moment by the very government that advocates girl child empowerment and education, making a mockery of their own words at The Union Budget for 2020-21. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, conducted a meeting with the country’s top industrialists to hold a discussion over the Union Budget, and we couldn’t help but notice one very thing that was missing – women.

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Sharing a picture that reeked of misogyny and patriarchy, PM Modi posed with what he called the top Indian industrialists, we were left wondering why there was not one single woman in the frame. Because it’s not like we as a country run on the sole efforts and shoulders of men. Women like Indra Nooyi, Vinita Bali, Kiran Mazumdar and many more have contributed equally if not more in shaping the economy of this country. Which is why, when the picture turned up with no woman industrialist, it wasn’t hard to connect the dots and recognise the deeply placed gender bent in the system.

Yet again, the Indian government failed in showing up for its women and we aren’t surprised. But what we are, is angry instead. Years and years spent taking a stand, fighting tooth and nail for the most basic rights and proving ourselves to be deserving, and we are still pushed to the back seat while men are handed all the credit.

Twitterati, not letting this one go, was quick to rip the image apart for its disturbing misogyny and calling the government out for promoting the very gender bias that us women struggle to fight every day. And this wouldn’t be the first time they’d be pulling this off either. A while back, during a meeting with the Bollywood’s who’s who, the only ones invited were the male celebrities.

And considering the kind of political pressure they already find themselves in, not playing this right was the last thing they should’ve done. Because let’s face it, women are done sitting on the sidelines as silent spectators, and this sort of shit representation is unbecoming.

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