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Noah Centineo Is Soo Cute In ‘The Perfect Date’ But The Movie Is Boring And Predictable AF

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Hey look. I tried. I tried to resist his goofy smile. To be all, ‘Yeah, he’s cute but probably an fuc*boi’ but I fell for him. What’s a girl to do?  When To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, everyone of us wanted Noah Centineo as our boyfriend. To cuddle with him. To nibble on his ear. To kiss those..erm, got carried away there.

And ever since, like every other girl, I couldn’t wait for his next movie/music video/show/instagram post/ tweet. Gah! For next anything. Let’s be honest, his movies are worth our time and all our obsession because we are looking at him and we are willing to completely ignore the wafer-thin plot, if at all.  While watching the trailer for The Perfect Date, I gushed over Noah, sure but what caught my attention was the fact that even though a rom com, it had a different premise and on that had me intrigued.

Noah’s character Brooks Rattigan, has his own bunch of high school goals to accomplish – drive the nicest car, go to the fanciest school and date the most popular girl. You know, the usual things everyone wants in a rom com.

A random date with a girl called Celia gives him the idea of launching The Stand-In app, which lets a girl customise their date- what character he should be, what traits he would have etc. etc. The girls get a fake boyfriend while Brooks saves up for the Ivy League college he wants to go to – in this case, Yale.

The plot is predictable from here on. He goes on multiple dates, pretending to be a different person each time. Also manages to catch the attention of the hottest girl in the process. Celia is the girl he isn’t supposed to fall for but he does anyway. Wow, we’ve never seen anything like this before. *rolls eyes to the back to the head*

Apart from that, the movie does okay – you know, if you just want to stare at Noah for the entire run time because why else would you be watching this?  However, even the bits that should’ve played out seem a little rushed. Brooks and Murphy’s friendship didn’t really come out that strong as it should have. All in all, this one’s worth watching only for Mr Centineo. He does what he does best, being all charming with his smile proving why he’s our perfect internet bae.

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