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No Internet, Sania Mirza Does Not Have To Prove Her Patriotism To You

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There is not doubt that the Pulwama attack was a day day in the history of India. One that ignited patriotic fervour and that lead to many repercussions across the board and rightfully so. Pakistani actors have been banned from working in India, the airing of Pakistani cricket has been put on hold and there have been several fallouts to this attack. And we standby every such move. However, in airing our views and displaying our patriotism, a few people went too far.

Yes, Sania Mirza is married to a Pakistani cricketer. However, to expect her to condemn an attack to prove her patriotism, and to expect her to do this in the strictest possible manner, is silly of us. The woman plays for India. When she wins, the Indian national anthem plays, the Indian tricolour flutters in the wind. Must we then always ask her to prove her patriotism?

As is fitting, Sania Mirza came out with a statement on Twitter, and she’s not taking nicely to the trolls. As she shouldn’t.

And perhaps it is time that we stop putting her love for India to the test every single time an incident of this nature occurs.


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