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Nirbhaya Case Update: Vinay Sharma Bangs His Head Against The Wall In Jail. We’re Doing The Same In Frustration

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As a writer, we’re usually told that the shelf life of any story is never too long. That stories that are trending need to best be picked right then and there, before the public loses interest and the news is forgotten. While that has proven to be true in a lot of cases, it hasn’t been the case for a story that wrote itself on an unfortunate night, and came to be known as the Nirbhaya Rape Case. Back in 2012, when Jyoti Singh was gangraped, tortured and then almost killed in a bus in Munirka, the nation witnessed one of its lowest moments. Of course since then, there have been several other low moments in the country where rape is so common, we have stopped counting. But even then, we are many years into the incident and people still have been sitting tight in hope of justice with Nirbhaya.

The execution of the 4 convicts of the case has been postponed twice before. We were told they hadn’t exhausted all the legal remedies available to them. The date for the hanging has finally been set – it’s 3rd March. We are hoping that we and Nirbhaya’s mother can finally get the justice we deserve.

As the date to the execution keeps getting nearer, the anticipation to see justice served is building and looks like has gotten a little too much to handle for the convicts as well. As the tension grows, one of the convicts that has seemingly not taken it well. Vinay Sharma recently attempted to hurt himself by banging his head against a wall repeatedly on Sunday and suffered minor injuries.

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A jail official also reported that Vinay Sharma’s actions could be a result of him having lost his mind after the attack on him by jail inmates. He had also been on a hunger strike for a few days. The three other convicts, namely, Akshay Thakur, Pawan Gupta and Mukesh Singh have exhausted all of their legal options and remedies and hopefully would now be finally hung.

Jyoti Singh’s mother too, waiting as anxiously and impatiently, said, “I hope that this date is final. Anybody is given an opportunity for remedy only for a limited number of times. These four convicts have been given enough opportunities now. Our struggle will end on March 3 when these convicts will be hanged.”

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