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Nirbhaya Case Update : SC Dismisses Mukesh Singh’s Claims Challenging The Rejection Of The Mercy Plea By The President

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Two days away from their execution date, the Nirbhaya convicts are playing every card available to them. While getting justice for Jyoti Singh aka Nirbhaya is of prime importance, this case is turning out to be so much more than that. From the horrific incident to the trial to their execution, each step of this 2012 gang rape case is turning out to be a landmark for future cases.

I am sure you guys have all heard of the hundred different hurdles that the four convicts have created to stall their execution. Actually, it isn’t all four, only one of them (Mukesh Singh) has been creating problems and fighting tooth and nail to get their sentence overturned. It is like he still doesn’t understand the gravity of what he did, let alone feel guilty or remorse for it.

But it isn’t over yet (how I wish it were though), Mukesh is now challenging the rejection of the mercy plea by the President by claiming that all documents were not given to him and that since the President took very little time to give his decision, there was “non-application of mind by the President.”

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Further, Mukesh’s lawyer Anjana Prakash, also alleged that he was sexually abused and was forced to have intercourse with one of his co-convicts in front of all the other prisoners. She also said that he was allegedly beaten up every day and illegally thrown into solitary confinement. Prakash said that all these details were not taken into consideration before the rejection of her client’s plea.

On behalf of Mukesh, Prakash asked the court, “Courts only sentenced me to death. Was I sentenced to be raped?” The sheer irony of this statement made my blood boil. Was Nirbhaya sentenced to be raped? No, but she was, and the brutality of the act sent shockwaves through the nation. How can he even say something like this is beyond me.

Though sticking to its word, the SC has rejected this claim made my Mukesh too by saying that there is no merit in this contention. The SC said, “Alleged sufferings in jail can’t be grounds to challenge the rejection of mercy plea by President.” They also added that rapid decisions made by the President does not mean that there was no application of mind.

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While Mukesh has exhausted all his legal options (thank god for that), his co-convict and the person he was allegedly forced to have sex with, Akshay Singh has filed a curative petition. Just last month, the SC has rejected his petition seeking a review of his death sentence after he made a whole lot of bizarre claims. His claims included Hindu religious texts and Delhi’s pollution crises as reasons why he should not be hung.

Reacting to this, Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi said “Request the government, judiciary to introduce a guideline that in cases like these, the review, mercy petitions of convicts should be heard together.”

We are hoping the SC rejects his curative petition with the same speed as they have rejected Mukesh’s with. Justice needs to be done this weekend, enough is enough.

The Apex Court Dismisses Curative Petitions Of Two Of The Four Nirbhaya Convicts. Why Didn’t The Other Two File Petitions?


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