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Nidhi Parmar, Producer Of Movie Saand Ki Aankh, Donated 42 Litres Of Breast Milk For Newborns. This Is Wonderful

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It is said that women observe changes in themselves when they turn into mothers. By that we don’t mean just hormonal or physical changes, but that after child birth, a certain kind of a maternal instinct kicks in. I mean, it must kick in because I don’t have a maternal instinct right now and I sure as hell hope that it comes through when the baby is here. It is said that having gone through a process so wholesome and magical as childbirth, women are said to come out feeling different, alive and more compassionate. And whether it was that new feeling of becoming a mother or the fact that producer Nidhi Parmar Hiranandani has always been the kind to give back to the society, we don’t know but this time around she has made an unusual and thoughtful contribution of donating breast milk for newborns.

Having turned a mother just a couple of months back, Nidhi Parmar who is better recognised as the producer of the hit film Saand Ki Aankh has made it to the headlines after she decided to donate 42 liters of breast milk to newborn babies. A rather unlikely form of donation, she came down to the idea after she realised she had tons of breast milk stored away, unused, even after using all she had to for her own baby.

She shared, “After nursing my child, I realised that I still had a lot of milk leftover. I had read on the internet that breast milk does have a shelf life of three to four months if properly stored in a refrigerator.” During the lockdown, Nidhi managed to store a lot of it, and when she figured out that much of it was going to waste, she racked her brain over what to do with it.

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She said, “The internet suggested making face packs out of it. Some of my friends said they bathe their babies with it or even use it to scrub their feet. Since I thought this was a cruel waste of milk, and I did not want to give it to salons (laughs), I began researching breast milk donation.”

Ultimately, Nidhi contacted her gynecologist who suggested her what to do. She shared, “I contacted my gynaecologist at Women’s Hospital, Bandra, who suggested I donate the milk to Surya Hospital. Up until that point, I had about 20 packets of 150 ml each in my fridge, but the thought of getting out to donate during the lockdown was concerning, for I now had a baby at home. But the hospital was very forthcoming and ensured a zero-contact pick-up from my doorstep.”

Hundreds of babies every year are nursed without breast milk, for reasons ranging from health complications, medical history or sometimes even due to negligence. In that scenario, receiving 42 litres of breastmilk that can be used to nurture new born kids is a wonderful donation. And we applaud Nidhi for it.

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