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Nick Jonas Joined The ‘Gonna Tell My Kids’ Meme Trend Except He Didn’t Quite Get It Right. Seems Like He Is An Old School Millennial.

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Internet is a funny place and almost everyone seems to have a sense of humour. Sometimes I wonder how people take time out and create so many hilarious memes that have us in splits. It’s remarkable and it shows that there’s an abundance of creativity out there. Also, there is an abundance of free time, clearly. But we can’t complain because it’s what makes us laugh after a tough day at work. Or lose sleep because you just couldn’t stop scrolling through the several memes on social media. Well, currently the meme trend that has gone viral is ‘Gonna Tell My Kids’ which basically involves posting a famous real or fictional personality and match it up with something else that resembles its vibe but is mostly untrue. Recently, Nick Jonas joined the bandwagon of people posting on this trend, except he didn’t quite seem to get it.

He chose to post his own picture (he is a celebrity after all) from the Happiness Begins Tour and while the meme trend says you have to post false info to fool your kids, he ended up talking about the truth. Commenting on his journey with his brothers Kevin and Joe, he wrote: “I’m gonna tell my kids this is a guy that was really happy because he and his brothers had a band and then they broke up, but then they got back together years later and their lives were enriched artistically and emotionally.”

He further spoke about his gratitude for getting this opportunity, “He never could have imagined how fortunate he would be to be back on stage with his brothers in front of the world’s greatest fans every night doing what he loves. Thank you to everyone who continues to makes this story so much sweeter every day. May the happiness continue. #happinessbeginstour.”

Well, that’s really cute and all but Nick you missed the point! This is a meme trend and it’s supposed to be funny! But cheesiness is part of his personality so I see how he can take anything and make it super emotional. I mean, at Priyanka Chopra’s and Nick Jonas’s wedding in India, for some reason he was spotted crying more than PeeCee. And that brings me to the question, wouldn’t you want to talk about ‘How I met your mother’ as well? If he’s being truthful and all that, I think that’s kinda what their kid would be more interested in knowing.

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It’s hilarious how Nick got it all wrong but I get it because I see he is an old soul and can’t probably relate to millennial things. Erm…I can relate, Nick!

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