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Nia Sharma Cut A Penis-Shaped Cake On Her Birthday. While It’s Nothing To Be Ashamed About We Think It Could’ve Been Avoided

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2020 is an extremely bland year. It has forced us to depend solely on social media for our daily dose of entertainment and excitement. Just keep scrolling mindlessly, because what else is there to do? If you are very lucky and it’s an extremely good day then you come across a post that shakes you out of that zombie-like mood that we have all been in. And that is exactly what happened when we stumbled upon the video of Nia Sharma’s birthday which involved cutting of a penis-shaped cake. Is it extremely inappropriate for me to say it looked delicious? 

On 17th September, Nia rang in her 30th birthday. She had a party all of us have only been dreaming about this year. It was nothing short of a lavish rager. Her party was a well-planned surprised with loads of gifts and bear with me, 18 freaking cakes. Yes, Nia cut 18 cakes. *Ahem* dear friends, you better be taking notes. 

Of course, the thing about her party that grabbed people’s attention was the life-sized penis cake that she cut. It’s not every day that you see a celebrity posting something so bold on social media. Amongst all the fun and jealousy-inducing birthday pictures she posted was a video of her cutting the penis cake looking thoroughly amused and embarrassed. 

Nia captioned the video, “Safely the best dirty 30th of my life. Short of words … overwhelmed, and happiest at the moment. Appreciate the efforts madeeeee by you all..” 

Her friends had a little fun with the cakes. Although, netizens and her followers were less than impressed by this. They were outright offended. They commented saying things like it looks cheap and that they were disappointed. Some even went that extra mile to abuse her and call her shameless, vulgar and a bad example. These are the same people who probably don’t have enough friends who can pull hilarious pranks on them. Is that why they are so butt-hurt by a life-sized penis cake? 

Okay, let’s get something straight. It feels like people are looking for something to harp on about. There is no reason Nia Sharma’s birthday celebrations shouldn’t involve a phallic cake, but perhaps, she would’ve been better off not posting it. She is an adult. If an erotic cake is what she wants, she should be able to go for it without all of social media raining down on her. 

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However, this whole thing completely unnecessary. We aren’t offended per se and we stand by the fact that Nia doesn’t need to be shamed for it. But the cake is a little OTT and distasteful. All in all, this could’ve been avoided. Yes, a lot of people do it for bachelorettes but that is, well, kind of fun for THAT occassion. What is Nia’s cake symbolic of?  

The only reason we are little put off by this is that if the roles were reversed and a man was gleefully celebrating his birthday by cutting a cake shaped like a vagina, that would definitely not be okay. We would be outraged, disgusted and screaming at the top of our lungs for him to apologize for his insensitivity. So, going by the logic of equality, doesn’t that make it improper to cut a penis cake? 

Anyway, what’s most important is that the cake looked yummy. Nope? Still inappropriate? Fine.

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