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Newly Appointed Kochi DCP Is Upset That She Wasn’t Recognised And Sent A Woman Constable To Two Days Of Traffic Duty. Ego Much?

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In any profession, it’s essential to know the bosses. This is one of those fundamental unwritten rules. It’s not only disrespectful but also extremely embarrassing to have no idea who is helming the company. However, everyone makes mistakes, right? It’s up to the boss to let the small incompetencies go. Clearly, not everyone sees it like that. You see the newly-appointed DCP of Kochi sent a constable on traffic duty as a punishment for not recognizing her. Yikes. Talk about a monstrous boss. 

A women constable, who was on sentry duty at the women’s police station near the Town North station, landed herself is a very sticky situation after she failed to recognize the new DCP, Aishwarya Dongre. The constable stopped the DCP, who was in plainclothes, and asked her what was the purpose of her visit to the police station. This seemed to have really annoyed the IPS officer who only assumed the role of DCP on 1st January. She sentenced the woman constable to two days of traffic duty for failing to recognize her. This is a tad too harsh. 

According to reports, Aishwarya parked her official vehicle a little away from the police station. She entered wearing plainclothes and a mask. She was visiting the police station as part of her inspection drive on Sunday. 

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Aishwarya told the media that the woman constable who was on sentry duty at the entrance of the police station was lacking adequate alertness. She didn’t even recognize a senior official who was entering the station. She said, “She was on sentry duty. She is supposed to be most alert. But despite the official vehicle I came in, she failed to recognise and stopped me.” 

Needless to say, we aren’t the only ones who found Aishwarya’s behaviour a little extreme. The Kerala Police Association also think that this was very harsh behaviour on her part. They defended the woman constable and said that Aishwarya is new in this role and was wearing plainclothes and a mask. It’s a mistake anyone could’ve made. The association has suggested that the constable could have been let off with a warning. 

Even the city police commissioner Nagaraju C H told The Indian Express that the new DCP has been advised not to repeat such harsh behaviour. He said, “She is a young officer. She might have resorted to such an action because of her inexperience. We have advised her not to repeat it.” 

With the COVID 19 pandemic, police personnel are anyway burdened with a ton of work, adding on to their woes for such petty reasons is not okay. Usually, we love a woman in-charge but not this time.

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