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Neena Gupta Is A Domestic Goddess In These Times Of Coronavirus. She Is Truly Nailing This Period Of Self-Isolation

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Coronavirus cases in India have officially crossed 500 and now it is high time we follow the directives given by our government (surprisingly, they seem to be on top of the issue for once) and stay at home. I know, most of us have been doing that this past week, but there are still some people who think they are invincible. Let’s not be covidiots and socially distance the hell out of this virus. Obviously, I am all for self-isolation and judging people who cough. But if I say that I am enjoying this, I would be a complete liar. I have lost track of days because the whole week feels like one long Sunday, and food, Netflix and funny dog videos are now my three best friends. All in all, this new life is horrible and never in all my years did I imagine this level of boredom.

However, this self-isolation has brought us all back to our very basics. What else really is there to do? Every member of the house is actively participating in ensuring the household runs smoothly and without glitches. I am cleaning, my mother is cooking, my father is doing all the laundry and it is actually kind of cool because this is the most time I have spent with them in a long time.

Not to mention all the odd jobs that we keep procrastinating actually get done. Like just yesterday my father changed a light bulb that had been busted for like half a year and mom finally finished a painting that was lying around undone for the longest time. And I? I finally finished watching that show I never got around to. I really am the most productive one here.

Speaking of going back to the basics, it seems like we aren’t the only ones taking up home projects that we are always too busy to get around to. Neena Gupta, who is recently flew to Mukhteshwar to be in self-isolation with her husband Vivek Mehra is nailing this time of quarantine.

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Earlier today, she posted a video of herself taking up another project around her house- stitching a belt to tie around the curtain. The video was captioned “Arre yaar kachchi ho gaee sabke samne” (I am raw in front of everyone). She explains in the video that a woman would come to help her to do chores like these but in times like these, she can’t be called.

She further explains that she had learned the art of stitching during her domestic science class in school and though she is a little rusty, she can manage. She also says that she needs to sew belts on to 8-10 more curtains around the house.

Like I said, this coronavirus pandemic as ensured all of us go back to living the basic life and as tough as it might be, it’s also fun if you make it.

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A few days ago, Neena Gupta had posted a video talking about her daily routine and I loved it because it was strikingly similar to mine and I am sure yours too. In the video she said, “I have cleaned many cupboards and drawers during this time, a lot of work still remains to be done.”

We can all learn a thing or two from Neena Gupta on how to be productive and yet enjoy every bit of this tough time.

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