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Neena Gupta Has Had To Learn Sign Language During This Lockdown To Communicate With Her Husband Who Is Always On His Phone. We Can Relate

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Have you wondered why this quarantine period has been such a constant struggle for us? I believe it’s because staying indoors with our family has made us relearn and question things we knew for certain. Like communication, for instance. Before this lockdown, I would hug my mother before leaving the house, talk to her probably once through the day and then by the time I got home in the night, she’d still be either at work or sleeping. Now, we are relearning how to actually be around each other 24/7 and communicate without stepping on each others toes and of course, it hasn’t been easy especially with both of us working from home all day long. You know how Indian mothers are, they want your undivided attention even if it means you are on a work video call. 

And this is with a parent. I imagine it gets worse when you’re married and have your spouse around so much. I look at my parents and I know that they’ve had to alter and tweak their communication tactics too. The truth about today’s world is that we are all addicted to our gadgets. If we aren’t working on the laptop then we are scrolling through social media or crushing candies on our phones (that’s what middle-aged people do). All that plus boredom really requires some new techniques. So, how do we effectively communicate with our family? 

Luckily for us, Neena Gupta has some very interesting ideas. As you might know that she is spending the lockdown with her husband Vivek Mehra in Mukteshwar. Through this lockdown, she has been making some very goofy videos giving us a peek into her quarantine life. In her latest video, she is telling us about how she had to learn sign language to communicate with her husband since he always on the phone. 

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The caption of the video read,” Best part husband hi video shoot ker raha tha thank u vivek (Best part is husband was shooting the video).” 

In the video, she says in Hindi, “I have learnt a new thing during the lockdown. I have learnt sign language. My husband is always on phone, mostly 90% of his time when he’s awake.” She then goes on to show us the signs she makes when she wants to tell him to come and eat, sleep and when she is going for a walk. She says that since he is almost always on the phone, they communicate this way. She also shows us the signs he makes in response. 

You have to love Neena Gupta’s adorable tongue-in-cheek humour. Not to mention, I think every one of us, married or not, can relate to this. Sign language and texting are how my parents talk to each other while they are working in different rooms. That or shouting loudly till one of them or I am deaf. 

Neena Gupta has always kept it real, fun and very entertaining for us. To tease her husband about her phone addiction is just the kind of thing that tickles our funny bone because it is so relatable. Though I should mention, phone addiction is a very real thing that most of us face and I am sure this lockdown has only made it worse. 

But my all-time favourite Neena Gupta video is the one where she asking why women can’t burp and fart. That one is seriously epic and very educational.

Anyway, as hilarious as this video is, I think the message she is trying to send to us (and her husband) is that we need to get off our phones more often and speak to our family. Isn’t that the point of this lockdown? Well, besides preventing the spread of coronavirus, of course.

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