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Nayanthara Is A Very Private Person And Isn’t Here For Your Negativity. Let’s Leave Her Alone, Shall We?

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I am generally a very private person. I value my space and don’t let anyone in very easily. Unlike any other 22-year-old I know, I actually prefer curling up with a mug, alone in my room over going out. I’m not anti-social or anything, I just avoid crowded places. That being said, I always wonder how celebrities must live, their entire livelihood depends on things I consciously avoid doing. But recently I came across an actress who stands for everything I do, South cinema’s shining star- Nayanthara. She too avoids the media and hates being bossed around. I relate to her personality so much.

Nayanthara has owned her persona of rarely giving interviews, styling herself and barely batting an eyelid when controversies break. She says she’s a very private person, which is why she is probably the most relatable actress ever. South’s female superstar, and rightly so, Nayanthara told Vogue in a tell-all interview that she is at the top of all her projects, on-screen and off-screen. What is usually a testosterone-driven environment suddenly takes orders from this boss lady and I am in complete awe of her. Down south where her reach is the farthest, she gets scripts written for her and schedules mended to her availability.

She says, “Why should men have all the power all the time? The problem is that women don’t feel confident to be in a commanding role, to be able to say, this is what I want, and this is what I will do. It’s not a gender thing, ultimately—if I can listen to you, you should listen to me, too.” *standing ovation*

Between 2007 and 2011, Nayanthara was at the peak of her career. But in 2011 instead of reaching for the sky, she decided to take a break. Her 11-month self-exile from movies is where she found a new sense of self-awareness. She says that during that time she was in a personal space and didn’t even watch channels that showed her songs or movies. She is more dedicated to her breaks than I am at work, lol.

In her first interview in 10 years, she goes on to explain why she shies away from media. Nyanathara describes herself as a “very private person” who does not like people knowing what’s on her mind. She says, “I don’t want the world to know what I am thinking. I am a very private person. I’m not very good with crowds.” That makes two of us.  She also said that just like every other actor, her words too have been taken out of context, making it the primary reason for her to duck away from interviews. “I’ve been misquoted and misinterpreted a lot of times,” she explains. “It was too much for me to handle. My job is to act. The films should speak for themselves.”

In the same interview, Nayanthara describes herself as a workaholic which seems like a total understatement to us. She starred alongside Nivin Pauly in the Malayalam movie Love Action Drama last month. This month, she’ll appear in Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, then work on the Rajinikanth-starrer Darbar, and the Vijay-led Bigil.

I just hope her bold and fiery personality rubs off and inspires other actresses too. With an influx of new actresses in town, it could just pave the path of confidence for them!

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