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Navya Naveli Schools A Troll Who Asked Her What Work Her Mother Does. Her Response Was Sassy AF!

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Even though most of us must have had a sour experience with a troll or two, considering how we are in the habit of posting everything that goes on in our lives on social media, it can be said without a doubt that the easiest targets for these trolls are star kids. Banking big on using their privilege against them, while there are times that star kids are called out for the right reasons, other times it is out of plain spite and seems like Navya Naveli knows just how to tackle them.

Granddaughter of Amitabh Bachchan and daughter of Shweta Bachchan, Navya Naveli has come under the radar of trolls quite a few times in the recent past, but this time the trolling was about her as much as it was on her mother and her occupation.

In one of her recent interviews with Vogue, Navya spoke about her new project ‘Naveli’ at length, describing how it aims at bridging the gender gap in India. In continuation to it, a little snippet of Navya Naveli’s interview was posted on social media with a caption that read, “I’ve grown up around working women in my family-my grandmother, my mother, my bua- it’s all I’ve known. To bring that change, you have to start with education and financial independence.”

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While most were positive and empowering comments, there was one in particular that might have irked Navya, and she did not let it slide. The troll had written in the comment section, “What work does her mother do? LOL,” taking a nasty dog at Shweta Bachchan as he implied that she didn’t really do anything.

Firing back at the troll, with equal sass and class, Navya used a smiling emoji while writing, “She’s an author, writer, designer, wife and mother.” And with that one single comment, where she explained how her mother, or any other woman for that matter who is a homemaker but doesn’t get enough credit for it, is as hard working as the ones who have 9-5 jobs.

Putting a screenshot of the troll in her Insta story, Navya further wrote, “Being a mother and wife is a full-time job. Please don’t discredit women who are housemakers. Their role is so crucial in the upbringing of a generation that will hopefully support their contribution instead of tearing it down.” And we couldn’t agree more. The role of women who are homemakers is crucial for the systematic functioning of all of our lives, and their contribution shouldn’t ever be underestimated or mocked.

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