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Navnita Gautam Becomes The First Woman Support Staff For Any Team In The IPL. This Is Good News

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The thing is, for centuries women haven’t been given their rights, we’ve had to ask for them. As sad as that is, it is changing slowly but steadily. Women are surpassing their male counterparts in power positions, heading MNC’s, reaching the moon, you get the picture. But sadly, there was one field that women were relegated to mere trophies and that is IPL. Until now. There is finally a woman on the support staff of IPL’s very prominent team Royal Challengers Bangalore! This proves the fact that women can really do anything they put their minds to.  We are so excited to see one of our kind kicking barriers down.

In a historical moment, Navnita Gautam has been appointed as the massage therapist to the Virat Kohli-led team. This makes her the first woman support staff to be hired by any of the teams in the league. She will be working with Evan Speechly, the head physiotherapist and Shanker Basu, the strength and conditioning coach. She will be providing guidance and implementing massage therapy for the players helping them recover from each match.

Speaking to the press, the chairman of the franchise Sanjeev Churiwala said, “Sport is a great enabler, but it is important to ensure that the principles of equity in participation also extends to its staffing bodies. Increasing participation and success by women in all sporting arenas have made this possible and we at RCB are very thrilled to have found great talent in Navnita.”

In earlier editions of this tournament, the only women you saw playing a role were the cheerleaders prancing around in the background. And let’s face it, they are unnecessarily sexualised and stereotypically portrayed. Completely negating the actual act of cheerleading, the only job of the IPL cheerleaders is to dance about holding pom-poms and show excessive skin, even as tharki Indian men stared lustily at them.  At least now with Navnita’s involvement, the overly-famed tournament has opened a platform for women to actually do some meaningful work with the team. We only hope the rest of the teams also take a hint and take onboard a few women making the sport more inclusive.

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