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Nancy Drew And Hardy Boys Are Back, But This Time With A Kickass Makeover

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Every 20th Century kid remembers the first time they read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. They were the first characters who introduced us to the world of mystery and inspired us to become detectives. Yes, we all have been guilty of acting like teenage detectives at some point in our lives. We miss the good ol’ books that our weekends were spent reading. Many TV shows and adaptations later, the coolest detectives are coming back into our lives together, and that too with a twist!

Dynamic Entertainment, an American comic company has decided to launch a series of comics, Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys: The Big Lie, come March, but this time, in a 21st Century setting. When Joe and Frank are accused of killing their own father, they turn to ‘locale female fatale’ Nancy for help to solve the mystery. It is going to be adventurous, with loads of exciting twists and mystery galore. March 8? Get here already!

The series is written by Anthony Del Col, best known for Kill Shakespeare, and artist Werther Dell’Edera (House Of Mystery, Cobra) along with colourist Stefano Simeone have done a phenomenal job. It is currently available for pre-order only for Kindle, that you can find here.


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