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Nutrition Expert Namita Jain On How To Cut The Fat Out Of Your Diet

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Over the years, dieting has gotten a bad name thanks to crash diets, fad diets and the like. But dieting is not all bad. In fact, if done right, it can seriously help you on your weight loss journey. Renowned wellness expert Dr. Namita Jain recently launched her book, Low Fat Low Guilt, where she gives your favourite recipes a healthy twist by cutting out the calorific ingredients in them. Yes, from low-calorie biryani to creamy pasta without the cream, she dishes out a rather tempting way to get healthy.

We spoke to Namita about her new book, her personal fitness journey, and her advice to those who want to cut the fat out of their diet.


Low Fat Low Guilt By Namita Jain (Rs 370)

1. What motivated you to write this book, and what can we expect from Low Fat Low Guilt?

As a wellness expert, I thought it would be useful for a dieter to browse through a recipe book, and find relevant recipes to achieve the goal of staying fit and healthy. So I decided to write the recipe book, Low Fat Low Guilt.

The book features a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes, which have been given healthy twists, while the calorific elements are kept to a minimum. This book was written with the idea of showing you how to enjoy your food without guilt, in a sensible and practical way.

2. What has your personal fitness journey been like?

I have always preferred a holistic approach to good health. This means having balanced nutrition and regular eating habits, as opposed to drastic calorie-cutting. Once in a while, and in limits giving into an occasional craving is fine – it helps the mind relax. I did some serious introspection, and worked on a diet plan that I can live with. I mean really live with!

3. How can one stick to a diet that is low in fat?

It’s important to be creative with recipes to ensure they are low-fat and healthy, yet tasty. Cutting back on oil used in cooking vegetables or dal is the simplest way to start. Gradually, you can take your cooking to the next level. For example, instead of frying samosas, you can bake them (of course, you would need to adjust to the taste). For consistent results, however, it’s important to re-train your taste buds to enjoy foods that have less calories.

4. Tell us some easy diet swaps that can help cut down on calories. 

Keep a check on these 9 ingredients that you can easily replace. At the end of the day, it is the small things that count.


1. Fizzy drinks are a strict no-no. Always opt for coconut water or nimbu pani instead to stay hydrated.

2. Put all those fatty spreads in the trash can. Replace them with some homemade chutney in your sandwiches.

3. Swap butter for olive oil.


4. Avoid frying a samosa. Bake it instead!

5. Avoid having those thick milkshakes. A fruit smoothie is a much healthier option.

6. Your frankie will taste just the same as a roti roll – so switch over to it!


7. Pasta and pizza tastes just as amazing with a tomato sauce. Why choose the creamy one?

8. Grill your chicken instead of devouring fried chicken.

9. Let go of that slice of cheese, and dive right into some cottage cheese.


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