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Nach Baliye Used To Be A Dance Show. Now It’s Another Bigg Boss With All That Drama. We’re Bored

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Nach Baliye has always held a special place in our hearts and in living room entertainment! It started back in 2005, which is 14 years ago. And ever since, the show has never failed to create a spectacularly entertaining experience for everyone. Watching celebrities with their real-life partners, ones that we didn’t know often, embark on a journey of learning to dance, face challenges while having fun along the way was always a heart-warming. We felt connected to them. They went through ups and downs and at the end of it, we saw how they supported each other, emerging stronger than ever before. However, when we heard that Nach Baliye season 9 would have both current and former couples participating, it was a dampener.

We understand that you have to keep reinventing in order to sustain, but doesn’t this entirely defeat the purpose of the show? Isn’t it Nach Baliye and not Nach Ex-Baliye? How does this even work? Their promos bummed us out further-  the new concept that will now take away the essence of the show. This season of Nach Baliye looks like a desperate attempt to spice things up and if it requires stooping to showing drama between exes, then so be it is the mantra apparently! In the promos you can see Urvashi Dholakia and her ex-partner Anuj Sachdeva have a conversation that goes like this:  “Nach ke bahane touch, no no”, “But why”, “Ex ho, that’s why. So don’t even try.” Like seriously, how shady can the dialogues get?

Other ex-couples on the show include Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh, Aly Goni and Natasa Stankovic. Now it’s not like we were expecting the ex-couples to have a gala time, because of course, the show calls for drama. But we didn’t expect the cheap thrills to have such an early start! Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh, who aren’t even friends now, indulged in an ugly argument in the introductory episode itself. And all of this was right in front of the cameras, the judges and the guests.

We hate that TV shows have reduced all programs to this. Nach Baliye was a great show when it started. It was more about dance, and chemistry. We saw people trying, and people failing. We say young people, old people, we saw tears and laughter. Now, it’s some convoluted drama about people dancing with their exes and heated spats that are better reserved for the bedroom than on a stage with thousands of people watching.

We get it. We do. TRPs are important. But must we reduce everything to this? Now it’s like no one even cares about the dancing, or them being able to learn a new form to shake a leg to. There’s variation in the kind of people that are there – they are all pretty, glammed up women in sequinned dresses. And for some reason, a lot of them in this season have costumes that look like they’ve stepped out of some medieval drama series. Basically, this season has nothing to offer for dance enthusiasts. Nothing to offer to people looking for some interesting content. This is the same ol’ rehash and we are already bored!

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We mean, if you can’t even stand each other for one episode then why did you sign up for this? In fact, we feel the drama is rather staged because knowing how to behave in public is like the basics of being a public figure, right? We’re afraid that the Nach Baliye we once knew to be full of love, is going to be a dance-version of Bigg Boss. With Salman Khan co-producing this season, he’d probably not be able to differentiate between the content of the two anyways!


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