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Busted! 10 Myths You’ve Believed About Sex And Sexual Health

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There is so much talk around sex and sexual health that, at times, it’s hard to tell what is true and what is not. Of course, the best way to get all the facts straight is to check with your gynaecologist, but who’s going to do that, right? I mean, sure you’d discuss contraception and STDs with her, but sex positions and orgasms??? Not so much, huh? Well, to save you the awkwardness at your next gynaec visit, we did the asking for you. From contraception to feminine hygiene, and sex positions to orgasms, here are all the most common myths about sex busted.

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MYTH 1: You can catch a STD from a toilet seat

Sexually transmitted diseases are not present in urine and the infection can’t even live outside the body for a long period of time. So no, you can’t catch a STD from a toilet seat.

MYTH 2: You can’t get pregnant during your period

The sperm can live in your body for up to 7 days, so if you are at the end of your period and you start ovulating the next week, there are still chances of you getting pregnant. It is unlikely, but still possible, if  you’re not using a condom or birth control.

MYTH 3: You can get pregnant by having oral sex

Even if you swallow semen you still won’t get pregnant, unless you have eggs in your mouth. Eww!

MYTH 4: Douching is a healthy way to clean the vagina

Douching usually causes more harm than good. The vagina is self-cleansing and the natural bacteria found in the vagina helps to keep it clean and healthy. In fact, douching makes it easier for a woman to get pregnant as it pushes the semen further in.

MYTH 5: The “morning after” pill causes an abortion

The morning after pill is useless if the egg has already been fertilised. Abortions are not possible with the Plan B pill since the fertilised egg won’t be affected by any emergency contraceptive.

MYTH 6: Birth control pills make you gain weight

We all know that no woman wants to gain weight. So if preventing pregnancy was going to have us pile on the pounds, well, the world would’ve looked a lot different right now. There is no correlation between oral contraceptives and weight gain.

MYTH 7: Condoms can be washed out and re-used

The friction of sex weakens the condom, hence it will break if you reuse them! There are so many hospitals that give condoms out for free, why would you even want to reuse them?

MYTH 8: You can’t get pregnant if a man withdraws before he comes.

A man releases fluids from his penis before he ejaculates called pre-cum. This fluid contains sperm in it and it is highly possible that you can get pregnant with pre-cum.

MYTH 9: There are certain sexual positions that will protect you from pregnancy

All that needs to happen for a pregnancy is that the sperm needs to meet the egg. So the only position that will prevent pregnancy is if you are 5 feet from each other sexting on the phone. You can get pregnant anytime, anywhere, and in any position!

MYTH 10: The end goal of sexual pleasure is orgasm.

There will be several times that you won’t reach an orgasm, and it is OKAY!! Putting too much expectation on it can often take away from the experience. So enjoy the moment and remove these expectations for a more satisfying experience.


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