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Mumbai Police Just Posted A Meme Using Alia Bhatt To Keep People Off The Streets Amid This Lockdown. Their Social Media Game Is On Point

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Coronavirus cases in India have reached 19,984 with 15,000 active cases and 640 people who have lost this battle. If you compare these numbers to Europe, USA and China it might not seem like much, but you know as well as I that if Indian’s aren’t careful, it won’t take us time to surpass them all. As much as we are hating this lockdown that has been imposed upon us, there is no denying that it’s practically saving our life right now.

Mumbai has been my home for 23 years and never have I seen it down on its knees and stripped of all its magic, until now. Even though the city has close to 200 cases, the highways are still buzzing (because there are still covidiots out there) but the streets and lanes are practically deserted. This is amazing because getting people here to stay at home and not venture out is a bigger task than any of us realise.

This is largely due to our amazing Mumbai Police who have gone all out to ensure that every single person in this city is safe. Without caring about the risks of this situation the have bravely been fighting on the front lines of this war. They are patrolling streets, stopping anyone who is out without a reason, barricading, sealing off lanes where people have tested positive and tracking down the people who these coronavirus positive people might’ve come in contact with. They are also delivering food from NGOs and other donors to the needy. The entire force deserves our appreciation and cooperation for all the amazing work that they are doing.

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Though the one thing that I absolutely love about the Mumbai police is their Twitter game, which is on point. Even before this pandemic, they would post funny and witty memes to spread awareness about various things. But now under these horrible circumstances, they are posting relatable movie and other pop culture memes that will not only make you chuckle but also understand the gravity of the situation.

For example, just yesterday the Mumbai Police shared a picture of Alia Bhatt from her movie Gully Boy where she is smiling sarcastically. The picture read, “That face when he says he is going out for a walk during lockdown.” Amazing right? If you thought the meme was funny, the caption will really crack you up. The caption read, “Abort mission. We repeat – Abort Mission! #StayHome #StaySafe.”

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My absolute favourite tweet though is the one they shared today featuring the Beatles. They put up the iconic picture of the band walking on a zebra crossing alongside an empty road. The picture had the words, “‘We want you’ to do ‘something’-Stay home and don’t go to the ‘Strawberry Fields’”

The caption of this post read, “Let us ‘Come Together’ ‘Because’ we know, ‘With A Little Help From’ you ‘We Can Work It Out’ & put ‘The End’ to Coronavirus & be ‘Free As a Bird’. “

How awesome is this? Using Beatle songs to convey their message is really ingenious. Hats off to their creativity. Here’s a sentence I never thought I would have to say- I really love the Mumbai Police’s social media game.

Even if you tweet to them complaining about people gathered in your area or a possible coronavirus patient, they will respond to you and solve your query.

It’s essential that we help and appreciate them so that they can protect us better and feel good while doing their duties.

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