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Mumbai, You Can Now Party All Night Long!

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Officials have stated that nightlife in Mumbai could now go on all night instead of ending at a ‘decent’ hour! You read that right, Mumbai will be split into specific entertainment zones that will be allowed to continue ‘entertaining’ all night long.

These zones will be first tried out at Veer Nariman Road, Ballard Pier, and Horniman Circle, post which progress will be assessed and extended across the city to party central areas such as Bandra and Khar.

So basically any restaurant, pub, or bar within these spots won’t have to call it an early night. Hopefully, if the trial period works well, Mumbai party animals will have another reason to…well, party!

Yay, Mumbai! You’ve finally got your mumma-pappa’s approval into adulthood — well, not really, but you’re halfway there!


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