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Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar Visited A Hospital In Her Nurse Uniform To Spread Some Cheer Amongst Health Care Workers. We Need More Of This

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The thing about disasters and chaos is that even though it completely immobilizes us, it also brings us all together. You see, this is the time when people come out to help others, when everyone sympathises with everyone’s cause and a time when leaders put all their differences aside and focus on one common enemy. Obviously, in this case, that enemy would the deadly virus that has most of us too freaked out to even step outside our houses.

Right now, our leaders are trying their best to keep us safe and off the streets and apart from a few people who think they are better than the virus, the plan seems to be going well. However, considering that the number of cases is rapidly increasing, and that they are showing no signs of slowing down, there is increased pressure on all our health care professionals.

Which is why it has become a priority to keep their morale high. They are ones on the frontlines battling this war, the least we can do is spread some cheer and support them. That is exactly what Mumbai’s mayor Kishori Pednekar was trying to do when she visited a hospital wearing a nurse uniform.

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The first citizen of Mumbai visited the BMC-run BYL Nair Hospital on Monday morning to show solidarity and motivate the doctors and nurses fighting against coronavirus. A former nurse, Mayor Pednekar put on her old uniform to a message of unity. She spoke to the nursing staff and asked them about all the difficulties and challenges they were facing.

The Mayor told HT that, “I’ve worked as a nurse and I’m acutely aware of the professional challenges. I put on my uniform to convey a message to the nursing fraternity that I’m one of their own. I interacted with the nursing staff to encourage them in their valiant fight against the pandemic. These are hard times. We need to stand by each other to fight this pandemic together.”

Naturally, Mayor Pednekar observed social distancing and wore a mask during her visit. She had self-quarantined herself in her official residence in Byculla after 53 Mumbai-based journalists tested positive at a health camp organised by the BMC. She was present at that health camp and decided to isolate herself for two weeks. She resumed her public life and duties only after testing negative for coronavirus twice in a row.

There is no denying that we are living under complete and utter chaos. Though we don’t feel the major force of this chaos having been locked up for a month, the doctors and nurses are bearing most of the brunt. What Kishori Pednekar did was a great initiative to spread some joy and positivity amongst them.

Is it too idealistic of me to hope that is war gets over soon and without doing any further damage?

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