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Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiya From SOTY 2 Is A Pakao Throwback To Radha From SOTY

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The SOTY 2 promotions are in full steam and boy do they need it. Because if the trailer is anything to go by, this film will need everyone to valiantly pitch in to make it work. Now, the film dropped another song Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiya. We must admit, rather grudgingly, that the song will be on every sangeet playlist and at some point make it to the clubs as well. But that’s not what has got our goat.

The song, at the very first glimpse reminds us of the song Radha from SOTY that featured Alia, Varun and Siddharth. But while we could get on board with all the jealousy, possessiveness and games that made an appearance in the OG song, Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiya offers no such redemption.  The part where we can see Tiger jump on a trampoline to kiss Ananya, only to be followed by a glimpse of him jumping and kissing Tara later, is proof that this movie has run of out f***s to give to fidelity, story or well, even common sense. Tiger Shroff continues to dance, a lot, in the song as well and honestly, we are starting to tire for him.  We are almost convinced this is a movie about dance battles.

Director Punit said “The previous film had Dafli Waley, we have Yeh Jawaani. They had Radha Teri Chunri, we have Mumbai Dilli Di Kudiya. Of course, the music of the films are in tune with their respective stories, but this song is in that space. It’s a young sangeet number. Tiger is a great dancer, and he gives every performance his all. So, we had to up the ante as far as the dance is concerned.”

He further said, “The songs of the original film really worked. So, yes, the pressure to recreate that magic is there. But we had so much fun shooting this film, and I feel that it shows and translates on screen.” We are still waiting to see that translation, though..

The only saving grace of the song that basically implies insomnia for Mumbai and Delhi girls, is that costumes are amazing. From Tara’s delightful and colourful summer lehenga to Ananya’s sizzling choli and a skirt in summery orange, the two actresses have definitely imparted ideas to the ‘to-be-brides’ and their friends, to experiment with their wardrobe, this wedding season.

Basically, the only reason anyone would go to watch this movie is to see three new actors act to an old script, with modified clothes in a little more posh setting. I still do not see the point.


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