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Move Over, Dalgona Coffee. A More Delicious, Creamy And Decadent Twist Is Here.

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You know how they say when you have an abundance of something, its value starts to diminish? I think they had a point there. Before this lockdown all, I wanted to chill and take a break from all the commotion in my life. Having a full-time job means that I can’t just pick and choose when I want to do that, but I would wait eagerly for the weekends so I could just relax. And now, when I have nothing but free time all I want to do is go back to work. For the first time in my adult life, I am craving that commotion, this lockdown has made my life extremely monotonous.

I am trying my best to be productive and to not think about how I haven’t left my house in a month, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so. This means that I am bored out my mind and will do anything to distract myself and this includes taking up ridiculous social media challenges and reluctantly playing into current trends.

But don’t worry I am not stuffing my vagina with ice cubes, neither am I drinking my (nonexistent) boyfriend’s semen (yes, that’s a thing you can stop gagging now). I am, however trying my hardest to guess the gibberish and playing a whole lot of Instagram bingo variations. I also tried to do a trick shot but that was a huge disaster that ended up with me breaking a vase. The trend that I was extremely excited to try though was the aesthetically pleasing Dalgona coffee that took all of social media by a storm.

You see, I am a huge coffee addict and I love trying out new flavours and variations. So, when the Dalgona coffee came around, I just couldn’t help myself. Well, I didn’t like it very much since I felt it was extremely overrated and that classic cold coffee is much better. Though I just can’t get over how pretty it looks, which is why I am excited about the fact that now there are variations to OG doing the round of social media.

It’s the same thing but with a twist. People around the globe are using Nutella, mango milk, flavoured Nesquik (yum!), Oreo biscuits and for all the health freaks- Matcha. All you have to do is replace the coffee powder with anything else that you like.

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Check out these delicious looking videos:

Well, this trend has branched out now and I am hoping that unlike the coffee these variations taste as good as they look. Which one are you going to try??

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