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Dear Internet, Surgery Or No Surgery, Mouni Roy’s Face Is Not Your Effing Problem. Back Off!

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Mouni Roy made an appearance at the Bharat premiere and while that seems like a perfectly regular thing to do – turn up to watch a movie – especially if you like popcorn, the woman got trolled very hard by internet brats. And it’s not for anything you would think was worth commenting on. Her sartorial choices, her makeup or anything she said. The internet went after her because, get this, her face looked like some work had taken place there. Now, we aren’t for or against surgery, to each his own, but to go after her because she chooses to do something with her body or face is the kind of rubbish that needs to be called out.

Look internet, we know it’s easy to offend you. Something offends some part of the internet daily, but to make it your business to point out that someone had work done and to make unsavoury comments is plain silly. What is it about Mouni Roy’s surgery that annoys you anyway? That she got it done? That it’s not upto the standards you had set? That you disagree with the very concept? Whatever it is, that’s your personal problem and you don’t need to make a hue and cry about it on every social platform. Celebrities face intense scrutiny practically every time they exhale and you don’t need to add your asshole-ry to this.

And Mouni Roy gets no respite. Last year, when she made a couple of appearances in movies and in real life, people had a problem with how skinny she looked. At that point, we were worried about whether she had an eating disorder. Basically, it looks like no matter what Mouni Roy does, she attracts pointed remarks, which are entirely unnecessary and completely avoidable.

Allow us to clarify this for you. Unless you are related to Mouni Roy and her surgery has you concerned, or she’s asked you to pay from your pocket for her cosmetic procedures, it would be greatly appreciated if you would just keep your trap shut and preferably stay away from the internet.

Thankfully, some people thought exactly like us and were all about letting Mouni breathe; this is a rare breed that needs to be protected and hopefully made to reproduce.

A few years ago, Anushka Sharma made an appearance on Koffee With Karan where it was obvious that she had her lips reworked. While the actress did admit to it later, she faced tremendous backlash for even doing it. It wasn’t our problem then, it isn’t our problem now.

What’s your take on surgery? Yes, no, maybe? Let us know in the comments below.


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