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Mother’s Instinct To Caution Her Son During The Uttarakhand Glacier Burst Saves 25 Lives

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From Jaya Bachchan’s intuition that kicked in every time her children moved an inch or were at the door in the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, to our own mothers’ incredible sense that call us out each time we’re lying, mother’s instincts are a legit phenomenon. There is an undeniable bond between a mother and her child and Bollywood has harped on that enough. But when it happens in real life, we are taken aback. Here is a live example of it. A woman’s panic stricken call to her son helped in saving the life of 25 people during the Uttarakhand glacier burst.

Mangshri Devi, living in a village in Uttarakhand, near the NTPC hydropower project in Tapovan was feeling uneasy that morning, especially after she saw the water level of Dhauliganga river rise 15 meters over its normal level. She didn’t have to hear it from someone else to know that there was some trouble looming over her son’s head, who was working as a heavy motor vehicle driver that sunday at the NTPC hydropower project, to earn extra money.

She got on the phone because Mangshri Devi felt the sudden urge to call her son Vipul Kaireni and caution him of the rising water levels. Despite Kaireni telling her that nothing was wrong yet, the mother made frantic and continuous calls to her son. Turns out, if it wasn’t for her motherly instinct that made her warn her son relentlessly, he would’ve have been yet another casualty in the Uttarakhand glacier burst tragedy.

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Kaireni shared, “Our village is situated at a height. My mother was working outside when the flash flood descended. Had it not been for her warning, I and around two dozen of my colleagues would be dead by now.” It was after his mother’s warning that he took the threat seriously and alerted his colleagues of the impending danger.

They took shelter on a dilapidated staircase and that is how they were able to save their  lives during the unanticipated tragedy that befell Uttarakhand. Kaireni also shared, “My mother and wife Anita had seen the water rise 15 m over its normal height and engulf everything in its wake. We all ran towards the staircase and it saved our lives. ”

Sandeep Lal, a colleague of Kaireni’s was also among the 25  people who were saved by that fortunate call. He recalls, “I owe my life to Vipul’s mother and have learnt never to ignore a parent’s warning. ”

We think we all learned that from this incident.

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